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  • He likes it but his face and paws turn red after eating it so he might be allergic to Turkey. I am still not getting oatmeal like mixtures and I am using less water than recommended and he does drink much water so I guess i will just leave it as is. I don't really want to try their chicken meals since it seems everyones dog has a chicken allergy so I might try the beef one. I am not really sure though and thanks for asking Jessica

    Chunky has never ate anything but Beef, fish or duck and he didn't like duck. I was trying to get him anything but chicken and got the THK with the lowest protein.
    ***my best singing voice…a-hem…
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!! xo
    Wishing you the BEST Happy BIRTHADAY ever! You are a gal who deserves the best of everything!! Happy birthday!!!! Love you!:balloons::birthday2::birthday5::birthday1::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:
    I have been so overwhelmed with work lately but wanted to say how much I absolutely LOVED that picture of Ty-Ty that you sent with my auction win! Thank you for the smiles. I just :heart: Tyson so much! I showed it to Frank and he pawed at it. :D
    Hey, are those treats fattening-they are soooooooo good! I might even give the dogs a few:haha::evilplan:
    He is doing well had to do a little switch on some medications because he wanted to act like he didnt just have surgery. lol. They gave us something to keep him a little more calm/sedated

    Thanks for reaching out
    Actually, had started to worry too. I've just started popping in more often
    these couple of weeks so thought she'd taken a break as I got more active.
    Going to PM her, I'll let you know or vice versa. Sending y'all LOVE <3
    watching animal planet, the vet life. It features the vets at cy fair animal hospital in Cypress, TX.
    The 3 vets seem very knowledgeable. Are you familiar with this show? I watched them go through surgical procedures. Will not say, they are bulldog experts, but i saw one when they show previews.
    Hoping all is well with you! Scary things in Dallas-too close to home! Love you 3!
    How are you...it's been forever since we touched base but I think of you & yours a lot.
    Knowing you've been taking care of all you do PLUS being a caring & supportive friend
    to your gf that so tragically lost her young Hubby, I send prayers on their behalves, often.
    Heck...I pray ALL the time for ALL of us & America, the World...scary times ;( xoxoxo
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