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  • SPLAT!!! You have been hit by the Christmas Snowball
    Pass it forward to 5 cannot Splat!! the person who got you

    Gotcha!!! Pass it forward :christmas10:
    Awww.. Thanks. We love Olive. She is now 11 mos old. She's lots of fun and very sweet. We have a 12 year-old Chocolate Lab too and she's very patient Franklin is adorable. Thanks for the friend request!
    A month after we fixed the right eye, the left eye popped out, we thought we were free and clear of cherry eye , but now she is having surgery on Nov 9th to fix it. My vet did a beautiful job on her right eye, and so her left eye will be beautiful again next week. We have cream for her right eye, so I've been putting it in the other eye too, and I use refresh eye drops so the cherry eye doesn't dry out from being exposed to the air. The only thing I use on their faces is unscented , sensitive baby wipes , I use them on their eyes, folds, ears, and butts. I do their faces every other day, and I also wipe their mouths after they eat because I mix their kibble with warm water, and their faces get dirty. I also use the wipes for their paws, if they are dirty , especially if its been raining out.
    I just switched them to Fromms Beef Fritata, I had them on the Fromms Puppy Gold, but they got diarrhea , so took them off puppy food and put them on adult Fromms, both are doing well on this so far, but its only been a week. I don't really use anything special on their eye tears, Dozer doesn't have any issues with eye tears, but Blosom, has more sensitivity , I suspect she has allergies, did not do well on Royal, or the Fromms puppy, she did do well on the Go Natural Grain Free though. Blossom has pink ears, face, around her chin,and I think this was due to her food, I'm hoping it resolves itself on the new food , time will tell. Her eyes always are teary, and sometimes goopey, but I don't know if this is from her allergies or sensitivities, or because of her cherry eyes. The right eye got cherry eye first, when she was 5 months old, we had it fixed at the same time that we spayed her last month.
    Thank you, my Blossom should really be the devil, but I couldn't put a dress on Bulldozer. Lol
    Yeah, Atlas is a great size. He was bread to be a little smaller. I shoot with a Nikon D800 and some fairly nice lenses. Photography is my obsessive hobby, and I would recommend much cheaper options. Any current DSLR should be able to capture action in good outdoor lighting.
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