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  • Honestly I don't think you need a high level to start out with.. A nikon entry level would be great for you, canon are great too but I have never owned one.. the nikon d3100 is an entry level but great to start out.. runs about 500.. check it out!
    Thanks, we just got home. 8.5 hours there to pick him up, 10 hours back (puppy breaks). He slept a ton on the way home. Pics coming tomorrow!
    Hey! Is max home? What price range are you looking at? Are you thinking point and shoot or dslr?
    Just saw your need pictures of Maximus and OMG cuteness overload! He is sooooo handsome cant wait to see more pics once he is home!
    LOL I just came on your profile again and see you are still talking to yourself!!!!! LOL Don't worry everyone does it!!!! In order to reply to people who write on youe message board you have to click on their name that is highlighted in blue and go to their profile to respond and comment. If you simply just reply to their comment it replies back to yourself. ...... I think we need to change this cuz every one newbie and veteran does this...... And yes you can go into your settings and make an album! :)
    lol yes quite sad. oh and great idea i didnt know i could make albums, coming soon dont worry!
    You talking to yourself down there huh????? :) You need to get an album made of Miss Lola...came in here to look at some pics and you have none! :cry:
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