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    Got this beauty canvassed and framed

    awesome!!!!! I love it what a great idea - - - Updated - - - awesome!!!!! I love it what a great idea
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    Trying Out for Puppy Bowl.....

    that was so cute!!!!!
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    Orange poop on Fromm Pork & Peas

    franklin was just on Fromm pork & peas he pooped a lot to and I would only give him 1cup 2X day but it didn't look orange. I just switched because the place I get my dog food didn't have what I needed at he time so now he's on taste of the wild and he seems to be the same on it we are almost...
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    Happy Birthday Sherman

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! hope you have a great day
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    A Day In The Life Of The Little Sausage

    what a cute little sausage I could just eat him up lol!!!!!
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    How Many Of You Show or Breed Your Bullies

    father was AKC but we don't show and we would like to breed but it has to be the right one
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    Apple Valley but will drive for bully meet ups!!
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    Lilly growing up photo thread

    what cutie's !!!! they are just precious!!!!!!
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    New Girl for the Show Ring

    very beautiful
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    Vegas is too cute!!

    he is so cute!!!! that's a great picture
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    Guess who has hips and curves now?!?!

    she looks great