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  • :halloween12:You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!! Pass it on to 5 people but you cant return it to the one that tricked you!!:halloween16::doghalloween::halloween3:
    Hi, sorry for the late late reply. Unfortunately, i did not notice i had a message in my in box all this time. I hope you have resolved your problem with your bully's tear stain and got him on some good food. For me, i feed my boy Avoderm but it was until i started to add apple cider to his food that i really noticed an improvement regarding the tear stains. Previously, i would always wipe him and clean him as good as i could but his tear stains showed real sign of improvement until the apple cider. I think i am fortunate that my boy eats anything so the taste of a cap full of apple cider once a day added to his food did not stop him eating.

    Good luck!!
    The closest I have is a 4 Paw in size 2XL, will that work? maybe for a lazy day shirt around the house...?
    Hey there! Looking into my inventory I do not have the Love English Bulldogs Tshirt in XL.... I must have made a mistake! Can you do a medium or large?
    :snowballfight: SPLAT!! You have been hit with a snowball!!! Pass it on to 5 people, but you can't hit the one that hit you!!! :christmas34:
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