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    Hi there,
    I rarely have the time to sort through and figure out how to post on here in the right spot. I give my Bully's Frontline but I also put a tsp of Apple cider vinegar in their water. Ticks are so bad here this year and Frontlne does kill the ones that I find. It's very rare that I find any though. Hope you are doing well. Been trying to add some buddies to my friends list. If you have any tips let me know. Poor cows mom has been trying to help me. I appreciate any help I can get.
    Hi, Rocky has been on Fromm for about 2 months, he loves it, and i do too, his stools are perfect, no problems at all :) Hope Franklin likes it, good Luck!
    Thank you, all these bullys are so very special and when we loose one it takes a large part of our hearts with it. I still cry for him and the hurt never lessens, he was my breath of air and I love him so much and always will.
    Lisa had Bertha on Fromm puppy when I got her but have since changed her to Costco brand that is made from Taste of the wild company, I think Diamond something. Arnold has a beautiful coat, no with minimal tear stains. Lisa has Mandy (i think Mandy on it) as well as a breeder and fellow bully owner. It is half the price but everything is comparable to TOW. Many of us have bullies on Fromm, I think chanelnbrutus swears by it. Isn't the TOW recall on salmon or chicken flavor only or has it gone to all flavors
    I tried that color for something else and realized it as well. I am lucky with the worm thing, but word on the street here is that heartworm is on the rise with the influx of mosquitos with the wet summer. I just posted in puppy social group that Bertha got her last Parvo last night (good) but also her first Lepto (bad) cuz we were up every 3 hours with her pooping.
    As pretty as the pink font is, I personally can't read it. Perhaps because my eye site is going to :poo:. How is puppydom going for you?
    Thank you!! Franklin is a cute bully, as well! He looks so innocent in your avatar!
    Hi :) Thank you so much for your friend request!!!! always lovely to meet new people, this is such a wonderful website, i have learned so much here. Franklin is just absolutely adorable !!!!
    :hiya: Thanks for the friend request. I would love to see some pictures of your Pit and Frank :) I am bullie obessesed with either bulldogs or pittys lol :) Frank is a cuite pie :)
    Hi! Welcome to EBN! Franklin is adorable and you picked such a great name! :yes: Our Frank is also a Frank the Tank :) I hope you are enjoying the site and I look forward to lots of pictures of your fur babies!
    Saw you on Sherry's page and thought I'd say :welcome: to EBN. I'm way behind in my welcomes lately, whoopise, lol. Hope you like it here like we all do.
    :jumpdance: Hi there !!! ohhhh you live close. NICE , are you addicted yet? :lol: to this site? I love it here. so many bully's and their parents. It's one big happy family. I see you met Becky, she's a great lady. and funny too :loco:
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