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Jan 27, 2010
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Well, I did not want to be the first testimonial on our own site, but what the heck! :p

As some of you already know, desertskybulldogs and I have been having a huge problem with Molly. She suddenly became itchy, which within a couple of days led to a whole body bacterial infection. We had the vet come out, who prescribed her an antibiotic for the infection, pills for the allergies, and special high potency shampoos to wash away the bacteria.

Well, after 2 weeks, she was much better, but not getting BETTER. She had stalled, was showing no more improvement, and was still itching without the meds.

After all this dog food talk, I decided to change all of the dogs foods. I found out I was feeding a one star food!!!! Geez, I thought it was at least a three! :rolleyes:

She was still eating puppy food cuz we wanted her to gain some weight back after having the babies. I do not know if she was having a reaction to the food because she was getting overloaded with nutrients she no longer needed, or what, but.....

After three days of mixing the food, last night she started eating only the new food. We chose Avoderm because we did not have a list of the best with us, but I can tell you this: For the first time in 3 weeks she has not had any meds today. She looks so much better, I can hardly believe it. We are very excited to see her back to her normal healthy glow, I imagine it will come back very quickly!

But not only did we learn about the quality of food- but so many other things. We were ignorant to what was going on in the "world of bulldogs" when it came to scams, rescue, breeding and bulldog health. We have actually given up dogs in the past that we could have been able to handle if we were more educated about the breed! We have owned bullies for 16 years, and ever since we created English Bulldog News, we have learned more about our bullies than we ever knew before. So I dedicate this testimonial to the site, and all of the wonderful members who contribute to the discussions, ask questions, tell stories, seek advice, and share their bulldog love.

Thank you! :D
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