Rico has undefined SKIN problem (PICS)


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Jun 18, 2011


Hi, first of all it's not good to post my first message about my dog's illness. I saw similar cases on the forum accordingly i want to take from your experiences.

My dog Rico has a raw on his nape. It has been like a little point for a year, but since 2 weeks, it grows suddenly, and he started to scratch. And it is also bleeding sometimes. In my country, the bulldogs are not a very common case for vets, and my vet told me that he can operate Rico to take apart these raws.

I shared pictures, i hope to get some helpful information. Is the operation the only solution ?

Thank you. :)
My 10 month old female had a lesion that looked exactly like that. I took her to the vet one that is well familiar with the bulldog breed and she didn't know what it was but gave me a topical spray and it has since healed. She also has demodex which is a type mange that I am treating her for with antibiotics.
First of all welcome to the site, and don't worry about your first post being a problem, we all like to help each other. I think I would find another vet, one that is not so eager to operate. He should have done a scrape on it to rule out a mange mite. In the mean time try some Neosporin on it and use some medicated shampoo. Once the vet rules out mange they should give you a topical ointment or spray and that should help.
I don't have any advice but I did want to say welcome and boy, your guy is gorgeous! Good luck!
Bacon had something sort of like this about a month ago. He started losing patches of hair and then his skin started to turn to lesions like Rico's. We took him to the vet and they thought it could be a staph infection or a fungus. They did the fungus test, but since that can take up to two weeks to get the results they started treating him for staph just in case. They gave him antibiotics which we were to give him twice a day. This helped clear up the patches and his fur started to grow back. When we went in a few weeks later the fungus test came back positive, so now we are giving him antifungal meds that are helping also. I would recommend asking your vet about a fungal test, and i would also recommended looking into a new vet who isnt so eager to operate! Also make sure you are feeding your bully high quality food, it really will make a difference! :)
you would be suprised what medicated anti fungal shampoo and antibiotics can do i would not operate as a first choice wrong vet for sure i say go 2 a diffrent one and ask about antibitocs they worked wonders on my dog and her whole back was like that the shampoo antibiotic worked wonders id ask for a mange test also good luck and welcome my post was about a skin problem also but a topical triple antibiotic ointment probbly wouldnt hurt just a thought im not a vet but it looks like a an infection or mange good luck and welcome beatiful dog btw.
:welcome:So sorry your baby is not feeling well. It looks pretty sore on the picture. If you dont have a good vet that is knowledgeable about the breed it will be a bit harder for you, thats why is so important that you learn as much as possible about the breed. And you have come to the right place! I would start cleaning the area and putting something on it. maybe some neosporine for know(or any antibacterial ointment) Bacitracin is a good choice. You dont want it gettting worse. I agree that you should ask your vet to do a fungus test and test for mites.
Diet is # 1 !!!! Go see our list of recomended foods! :heart:
Thank you all for real helps. We gave up the operation and i told to my vet everything that i learned from you. Now we are trying some meds and it started to dry. I hope rico will be okay and i will share healty pictures :)

LisaMarie, the recommended foods in this site are not available in my country, we are using Purina ProPlan (with Salmon). And also we always gave him some cheese that we are eating because we feel sorry for him when he looks with wet eyes, but now, we don't.

Thank you.
please keep us updated with lots of details and pics your post may help some one else out i know when i got on here i looked for a few hours at diffrent types of skin conditions because i didnt have the means 2 get her 2 the vet right away u wanna treat it from the inside and out side but like other ppl say research is key the more u know the better good luck. btw the shampoo i used on my dog was called y/s medicated shampoo ACTIVE INGREDIENT

Chlorhexidine gluconate 4%
hope that helps.

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