Reward for the return of Lulu Dallas, TX


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Feb 3, 2010
Dallas, TX
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Our 8 month old female was taken from our back yard (during her potty break) in the Oakcliff area on Jan 25,10 at 3 pm.
as I began searching for her driving around I saw a police officer near by on a call, I asked if she saw anyone go by wth my dog...Sure enough she said a car just drove by and the guy was holding my dog!

She is white and brindle, she does have a microchip, unfortunately it is not GPS!
A reward is being offered in her safe return.
we have 5 children that are heart broken (as am I) not to mention my lil Chichahua that was her best friend.

If you have any info please call me 214.404.7489 or email me at [email protected]

"Thanks" for your time.


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Jan 27, 2010
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I sure hope you find her! If you do, let us know. I am sure you miss her, this has happened to me once where someone stole our girl out of our backyard. It is heartbreaking not knowing where your baby is. Just don't give up looking, we found ours after 2 weeks, and she was just around the corner from where we live. (reward and flyers posted around the neighborhood, contacting local shelters, vets, rescues, ect.) Be persistant in your efforts! Good luck, and I hope someone sees this on here and returns her to you! Since she was microchipped make sure you contact all of those groups above, if the theives ever take her to any of those places, she will be scanned and found!

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