Raw suppliers in UK?


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May 5, 2022
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Hi @Bulldog2001
here is link to the food

yes they do have beef. Should I switch to it for now and slowly introDuce the salmon and turkey?

I read that about the reduced water intake and the stools but she passed stools a lot less on her cooked diet.

i will get some probiotics for her today.

Any update? How is she doing with the raw beef?

Did the probiotic help?


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Jan 10, 2016
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People need to understand when you feed raw, you most definitely can give chicken. I say this often, raw chicken doesnt have the same effect as the dry kibbles. All Kibbles n cans are heated to an extremely high temperature to kill all bacteria which sadly you’ll lose the nutrients. Why it’s important to add raw toppers on kibbles n use a high quality kibble. But when you have a puppy that’s the best time to give them all proteins. Yes even chicken. Do rotations on every single bag of single protein n monitor the puppy. It’s extremely rare puppies have allergies as they still have mom’s milk in them, a strong immune system, good gut flora etc. Why it’s the best time to do rotations. Btw Turkey doesn’t have the same effects as chicken. Just like humans, the more you introduce different protein, veggies, fruits etc to a young child the less they’ll be affected by future allergies.

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