Puppies eating Adult Dog Food


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Feb 3, 2010
I had Dexter at the vet last week. He's now 16 weeks old. I was (and still am) shocked as the vet told me I could go ahead and put him on adult food. I had her list some of the ones she suggests but Dexter doesn't have all of his teeth in. Most of them are showing but they are tiny to me.

I am so outraged lol I should mention though when I spoke with the vet I was looking for a just 1 brand to feed both dogs. I have a bichon (6months) and wanted to know if I could buy 1 brand. I don't feed the bichon adult food as to me he is still a baby so I was really surprised when she said they can now have adult food.
Believe it or not, for English Bulldogs it is good to put them on adult food around the age of 3-4 months (from what I have been told). Bullys grow immensly fast and this helps "even out" their body frame and not grow too quickly, which can sometimes cause later health issues. I will let others chime in on this because I do not know all of the details, but this topic has come up once somewhere.

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We put our Frenchie on adult food at about 4 months, simply because he was doing the same activities and using the same amounts of energy as our 2 year old english and we assumed that he needed the same amount of nutrients as our english. It was easier to feed them both the same food and the vet said that it would not hurt him. We did water it down a bit just to soften the food bits for his baby teeth but other than that, we didn't do anything different for him. Carbon is now a year and a half and our vet wants to take him home because he is in such excellent shape.


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My Bully has been on Natural Balance since she arrived at 11 1/2 weeks. Natural Balance is a puppy to adult food- so you can feed your puppy as well as your adult the same food. I have mine on a Limited Ingredient Diet- which Natural Balance carries as well... due to food allergies. It is a great product!


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Thank you guys for your input, I have a better picture of the vet's reasoning. May I borrow that crown? It's awesome!
You waited until your puppy was at least 8 weeks old before you brought her home. You have plenty of toys and treats. She never misses a veterinary appointment and has been fed the proper puppy diet. Now, the question is, when do you begin switching to adult dog food?

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