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Mar 7, 2010
we recently adopted a pregnant all white akc english bulldog, we didnt know she was pregnant and all of the responsibilities to go along with her! I am not prepared financially. we have been looking for a vet that could do Pymt plans, or be reasonably priced. many about $1000 and up and then if i need to take her in the middle of the night or a weekend, more money!!! We do not have the money for that right now so i am trying to figure out away to have some backup cash just incase. my husband has offered to paint/remodel someones home/office in return for assistance in paying for our girl to have a scheduled c-section. I am trying to keep my expenses down, i have had a few people ask me if they could help with expnses in return for a puppy. i dont know how many puppies are going to born, so i dont want to obligate the puppies before i even know what I am in store for. If anyone knows of a cheap/reasonable or a vet that does pymt plans. PLEASE let us know!! After the pups are born I will let everyone that is interested know about the puppies!
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Hi there, If you are the person who lives in Virginia, please contact me. I know of a really good Vet with reasonable prices. I have used him for C-sections myself. I am Ellen from I look forward to hearing from you.


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