More of our mushfaces Bella & Frank!😂


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Jan 19, 2017
Middle Georgia
Bulldog(s) Names
Bella (EBD) Roxy (pit mix) Tyson (pit mix) Sadie (boxer)
Everyone is getting along just great!
Frank is really a pretty calm pup! And pretty goofy too!
He is a lot like Bella. He is very smart. He has been using the bell on the back door to let us know he has to go out within the first week of being home. He will ring the bell and then sit and turn back to see if anyone has heard it. If we don’t get up right away he’ll ring it again and look back again. Lol
His three spots where he lost his hair are healing very well. We have put the Nu Stock on it only one time so far. But they are for sure looking better! 🤞
He has to be touching you when he sleeps. He likes to nuzzle his head into my neck at night (that isn’t so comfortable sometimes) he is getting so big already! 25 lbs at 13 weeks old. I bet he is close to 30 lbs now.


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Actually sometimes he rings it at night just so he can go try and catch the bugs out on the back patio.😬😬
I guess we created a monster since we have to let him out when he rings it, even though we know he doesn’t have to go potty!
Good looking Pup. Almost a spitting image of Bella. Have fun with that pup.
My goodness they are twins through and through!!! I've always loved Ms Bella, but this guy is pulling at the strings too! What character... both of them

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