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Apr 3, 2011
Moore, OK
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Matilda A.K.A Sassy Pants & Mighty Mack A.K.A. Fat Peanut
My hubby took these videos of the kids yesterday.

YouTube - ‪July 11, 2011 6:31 PM‬‏

YouTube - ‪July 11, 2011 6:41 PM‬‏

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I love how she leaps into the pool!

When we love in August & have room for storage and a water hose I plan to get a pool for Penny
Matilda does like her pool, and looks like she was having fun keeping cool with the skin kids.:)
I love too how she just dives right into the pool!! Vegas likes his pool but he steps carefully in and out. Great Video's!!!!!!
Thanks everyone!!! We had rain this afternoon and it dropped down to 73 degrees!!! :happydance:
Like everyone said, she jumps into the pool like a rabbit. It's so cute. I love that she's so integrated with the family that she's is just like ( one of the kids. She's a tough cookie and looks like an adventurous girl. Bravo Matilda! I enjoyed watching every minute.

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