Eye issues... again.

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May 19, 2011
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Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone has a had any similar eye-experiences... my ten month old Bullie, Millie, woke up on Friday and wasn't fully opening one eye. I called the vet and they said I could give her an uncoated aspirin if I thought she was in pain and that I should bring her in the following day. The aspirin worked really well and by Saturday her eye had gotten a bit better but I could tell she was blinking more in just that eye. I flushed the eye a few times with saline- and can't see anything that might be causing irritation. Her eye does seem to be watering more that usual. The only other observable difference is that her lower eyelid seems to be swollen- nothing different with the 3rd eyelid.

My boyfriend thinks I am being overprotective and that this will clear up over time. When she was only 3 months old she had a corneal ulcer that scared the living hell out of me :nope:. In comparison, this is not as noticeable but I think its strange that its most noticeable when she just wakes up. Has anyone seen anything similar with their bullie? any ideas of what this sounds like?

of course I am bringing her to see the vet tomorrow - but I'd like to have some idea as to what this could be - that way I know what kind of questions to ask the vet.

Hmm... I can't really help you as it could be so many different things. I would certainly get her to the vet as soon as you can. I never take any chances when it comes to the eyes!!!
Maybe she just poked herself in the eye with something while running about and playing?

Since she's had eye issues before (same eye?), a visit to the vet will put your mind at ease. Your boyfriend may be right - but I'm like you: I want to know!

Last time I was in to see Dr. Terry (Beatty), He told me that he doesn't have a "Hamster Bubble" for my dogs - as badly as I'd like to have one. hahahahahaha
If she is squinting it means it hurts. A scratch or ulcer cannot usually be seen without getting her eye dyed, let us know how it goes at the vet. Poor little girl, eye issues are no fun!

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