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May 5, 2010
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Vegas and Orion
Here in the Howard house we've gone thru our fair share of toys. Vegas and Orion are the master toy testers. There is ONE toy that has survived 4 years of continuous beating and still has no marks or any signs of wear. That is the Everlasting Fun Ball. This is the only toy that has survived my bulldog's jaws. We put all sorts of treats inside, lately...long frozen green beans.
This ball truly saves us when Vegas has a seizure. Vegas tends to pace sometimes both before and after a seizure. It's usually in circles and a specific pattern around the house. When this happens, I put a several frozen green beans in the ball....it helps his brain focus on something, and when he's ready, he can fit the ball into his mouth and carry it to his bed. It is very flexible with a crazy bounce.

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