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Jan 28, 2010
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This forum will contain products that the 4 Paw Members, Community Veterans, and staff members of the site would recommend to other English Bulldog Owners.

Members will only be granted read-only access to this forum because we want to be sure that the member is not signing up just to promote a product they sell. So anything you find listed in here will never be 'advertisements', just great products that can help new and old bulldog owners make their bulldogs the healthiest and happiest they can possibly be.

If you are a 4 Paw Member, Community Veteran or staff member we welcome you to post any products you recommend, or reply to products that are listed with your successes or failures. Not all products listed will yield great results for all, and sharing our experiences will help others along the way!

Please include a photo of the product, any information you have and any description/ingredients you can give. Please be as detailed as possible. :2thumbs:

If you own or manufacture a product that is great for English Bulldogs and want us to review your product, please contact [email protected]

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