Does your baby favor any family members over the other???


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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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Chester is ALL about my husband! As an example, I can sit and read the paper and he will just lay down on the rug in the living room. The minute my husband sits down and opens the paper - he lets out his puppy bark and jumps up trying to get his attention. If my husband goes outside - he'll follow him and just stare out the window. If I go outside, I don't think he knows I'm even gone :p

What is odd.. our Shih Tzu and our Cocker Spaniel (R.I.P. Sam)... are/were totally devoted to me.


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May 5, 2010
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Vegas and Orion
Before Orion, Vegas split his attention. He would crawl up in his daddy's lap for an hour, then he would ditch him and crawl behind me on the couch. Orion definately will follow me over her dad. In her defense, I've been in her life since day 1. As of today, when the pups are ready to settle down, Orion prefers to grab her teddy and sit by me and Vegas will climb in Mark's lap. In bed, Vegas will cuddle with his dad at night, the ditch him and cuddle with me in the morning. And by cuddle, Vegas literally is on top of me.


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Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
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Cutty, Miila and Mugsy the pug :)
Both my boys are all over me during the day. Cutty follows me every step I take and I feel bad if I am cleaning or something cuz he can be in 4 rooms in 2 minutes. lol. At night when daddy is home Cutty is all over him, hoping to play ball and Mugsy is cuddled with me (when the 2 legger isnt in my lap) And for sleeping they are both all over me, my pillows, and side of the bed. Cute but doesnt make for the best nights sleep. ;)

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