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Apr 12, 2010
My sister-in-law got a puppy from me that has demadex mange. It never was a problem until she came in heat for the first time. Any suggestions for dealing with it?
Wow, I don't know. I thought when Molly broke out in an allergic reaction that is was mange, but they DID tell me that steriods (for allergic reactions) would actually make the mange worse. Thank goodness it was only an allergy, although it still sucks. I was so afraid if it was mange that it would spread to the rest of our girls!

I am certain that there is a special shampoo that you must use to rid of it. Any news on improvement? Is the mange better now? I know that it is a form of mites, and they can get it anywhere. Was the puppy from a breeder or pet shop?
Take the pup to the vet, he'll take a scraping and look for mites under the microscope to confirm that it is indeed mites. He'll give you a topical cream to put on to kill them. Sometimes that won't work and the vet will give you some meds for him to kill them. All dogs have these mites. Bulldogs tend to have a low immune system so they sometimes are unable to keep the mites in check and they over populate. They feed on the hair follicle and the hair falls out and the skin looks scaley and dry. It usually happens with pups as they are young, sometimes as they get older they outgrow this too. I'm treating a female that's 9 mos. old with the topical cream and having no luck so far. Probably will have to take her back to the vet for the other meds. I'll give it a bit more time first to see if she outgrows it. Best of luck!
From Lori on facebook:

Lori Kierstead Mattis Use revolution heartworm preventative its a topical and it prevents heartworms, kills fleas and ticks and is incredible at treating mange. The dog will improve and stop scratching within a day and the hair will grow back.

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Demodex can be brought on by a compromised immune system , sometimes just giving them their shots will bring it on . The best treatment for Demodex is to boost their immune system , instead of medicating try Nupro Gold . It's a 100% natural Supplement you sprinkle on their food . They love it ! You can also buy it on E-bay .

You can use the Selsun Blue medicated (people ) shampoo to help stop the itching and rinse with red apple cider vinegar as a natural antiseptic . It also sooth's itchy dry skin .
Demodectic Mange also known as Red mange or Puppy Demodex is cause by an external parasite (mite). These mites are present in low numbers on ALL healthy animals. Whether the Dog can control the mites depends on its immune system at the time.Demodectic mange usually affects young dogs (less than 1 year of age) with immature immune systems and older dogs with weakened immune systems. Demodectic mange can be secondary to a skin infection,or allergy.

Some tips that play an extremely important roll in avoiding Demodectic Mange

Keep your puppy or Older dog in excellent health
Feed a premium dog food. don't continually switch your dogs food, this could lead skin allergies
Give Nu Vet Vitamins you can also add a 200mg Vitamin E, which boost immune systems
Avoid stress to your puppy
Do not let skin infection get out of control. If you see a spot on your dog take it to the vet. If they do a skin scrape and it is not demodex, but a skin infection treat it as they prescribe until cleared up. If you nearly get the skin infection cleared up but run out of antibiotics, take the puppy back to the vet and get some more. Sometimes staph skin infections are reoccurring, so if it comes back in 2 wks. treat again, ask your vet to consider an allergy causing the skin infection.
Avoid Cortisone's such as Prednisone. They give a quick boost to the immune system but actually suppress your puppies immune system in the long run. When the immune system is suppressed it lets the mites go rampant.
In older dogs, it is generally better if the underlying cause of the dog's immunosuppression (e.g., liver disorder, malnutrition, diabetes) can be diagnosed and treated
the vet will give you a treatment for demodex mange , mitaban baths , and ivermectin injectable solution takes about 3 or 4 months
My male had it when I bought him from a kennel (only in his ears). The vet prescribed him Ivermectin injection every 4th day. After we put 20 injections the mange disappeared. I was happy because it was only in the ears, I saw a lot of pictures of a dogs with mange all over their body and it was terrible.
seems like you've gotten some good suggestions here already. i just wanted to say that she really needs to get it treated sooner rather than later. without treatment, it can get horrible and terribly uncomfortable and miserable for the dog. treatment is fairly easy and inexpensive if treated early.

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