1. helsonwheels

    Nyala rubbing her bum!

    Crap! Been couple days ive notice Nyala trying to grab her tail or turn in circles. Now just saw her through the window rubbing her bum side to side on the grass Errrrrgggggggg As most knows, Nyala is always well groomed, clean after each poop back there and in between her tail etc. She...
  2. B

    Tail Amputation?!

    Hello Everyone - We are the proud owners of Betsy, 1 year old, white, deaf and gorgeous English Bulldog. We are considering tail amputation for Betsy as she has a tight screw tail, it doesn't lift properly when she 'goes' this means she ha had infections, despite us 'wiping' her whenever she has...
  3. dieMuttivonBifi

    A pug with no name

    Hello everyone! Please meet Quirky or Klatschi or Muffin, Blacky, Boulette depends who you ask: me, my hubby, my neighbors .... She has no definite name..yet. Her name on her vaccines record is Muffin which she also doesn't respond to lol. She's a black 6 year old pug. For the last year or so...
  4. BuddercupKelly

    Came home yesterday to blood everywhere

    It's been a week since Dozer's tail amputation and when I got home yesterday, there was blood all over my comforter and pillows. I immediately thought "OMGosh, he's incision popped open." It looked like a crime scene in my bedroom. Come to find out there was a little spot not around the...
  5. BuddercupKelly

    Dozer tail amputation picture

    The vet said it's looking good. It looks a little red to me, but he doesn't act like it bothers him at all. I can finally touch his back side. He even likes me putting the Neosporin on it. LOL
  6. BuddercupKelly

    Dozer tail amputation update

    Dozer has had his tail amputation surgery and is doing very well. The vet said everything went good during the surgery. He is home and resting with his mommy, well today with his granny. Thank you so much for those who have been concerned for my baby. I can't tell you guys how much your support...
  7. BuddercupKelly

    Tail Amputation today

    My Dozer is in surgery as I am writing this. Please keep him in your prayers. Don't know what I'd do without my bully. I really didn't think this day would ever come, but with his Gofundme account and the donation of family, friends, a grant and some of you, we have managed to pull it off...
  8. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~COCO~ English bulldog Available for Adoption in Belmar, NJ.

    House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations • Prefers a home without: Young Children ABOUT COCO Coco is a 8 year old young English bulldog, he is neutered & up to date on his shots. Don't let his age fool you, he has a lot of pep in his step. He is house trained, loves walks...
  9. sisters3

    Help Needed! Joey is very sore under tail!!!

    Hello all, thanks in advance for any help. We are on vacation and Joey has been swimming daily. Well I'm embarrassed and heart broken to say that I didn't know enough to dry there. She is very very sore now. I dried it good and used baby wipe, kept her out of pool yesterday. I have Vetericyn...
  10. 1Chumly

    Possible tail amputation

    I took Monty to the vets today as his yeast infection was not getting better and he had suddenly become very defensive when we went to clean his rear end. Long story short, he may have to have his tail amputated. He had tail pocket surgery and the tip of his tail amputated not too long after...
  11. BuddercupKelly

    Tail Pocket Surgery Help Question

    My sweet little boy needs tail pocket surgery. It is just disgusting and is keeping him itching and twirling on his behind. He is miserable. I've tried a Gofundme page, but haven't had much luck. Does anyone know of any help I can get? I used to be able to afford all his care and had no...
  12. B

    Soft Palate Surgery - Mandatory for All English Bulldogs

    Ran across this article. It's written by a doctor (vet?) and it states very clearly that this is a procedure that should be done on all english bulldogs if the owner wants to minimize the discomfort that comes along with being part of this breed. I had not heard before that this procedure is...
  13. Biscuitsmom

    Been MIA

    Sorry August was just a whirl-wind for me! We did a refi on our house, had to get insurance and the house straight sold and bought another car, work was busy, the list goes on! As for Biscuit and the other pups all is well, we actually switched her to the grain free lamb vs the chicken she was...
  14. R

    Help Needed! Loosing hair around tail, but is it ringworm?

    My Bully Layla is 11 years and old and thankfully has lived most of her life without many of the typical bully issues related to skin. She has only been our bully the last two years (we adopted her form a rescue). However we do know she has a long history of scooting and dragging related to...
  15. helsonwheels

    Spa day n toy

    So, after going to the off leash and yet, Nyala still on a leash :) we pit stopped at the new pet store not far from my house. Took Nyala in and she wanted to eat all the cookies at floor level. Hmmmm smart petshop. Girl ask if I wanted to wash Nyala in their new modern Italian titles...
  16. punky

    hot spots-causes?

    Well i have always said my gucci was my good girl because she never seems to have any issues like the others, such as allergies, infections, and any other problems.. but now shes decided she is going to be.. she gets hot spots at least twice a year.. i think its to much.. i put medicine on her...