1. meriah20

    So Confused??

    I have newly acquired a EBD. I was told by the breeder that he feeds him raw chicken all the time. However, I find that hard to believe. And according to the people at the pet store, there is no way due to the fact of his size (65 pounds.). I don't know anything about raw feeding. When I got him...
  2. AceTheBathound

    Foods with No Potato and Limited Starch?

    I'm wondering if Ace had an increase in tearing due to the sweet potato in his current food (Merrick Pork and Sweet Potato). He was previously on Fromms Pork and Peas. Any foods that do not contain potato/sweet potato and are grain free? I'm looking at Fromms Lamb and Lentils as his next choice...
  3. Christina Stevens

    My Bentley scarfs down his food

    My Bentley is 14 weeks old on Monday. My vet told me to feed him a total of 1 cup of food per day. I feed him 3 times per day. I'm currently feeding him Blue Buffalo Lamb and Oatmeal. He scarfs down his food so fast, I'm wondering if he is getting enough. Any ideas. I do have 2 older dogs (a lab...