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  • Heya. Tyson's doing pretty well :) His limp seems to have gotten a tad better (not gone) but better. Since we started the laser therapy and just recently started a trial of Anitiol. (Its not a drug - just a supplement) and he seems to be doing good on it. Getting up faster, etc. As long as he's comfortable and can still get around, I'm okay. Hee hee. Thanks for asking.
    I'm so happy to hear that he is doing well! Understanding his cans & can'ts is great, we have the same issues with Tyson now that he's getting older. His arthritis is acting up so we've been dealing with that. I can't believe how big Boris is - he is such a stud muffin, and looks very comfy in his bed. Thanks for the update, hope all 3 of your are doing well!
    Seriously, thanks for making my day Boris!!! I love love that he is doing good! And I love seeing his sweet face! Thanks Matt, and no worries, she will never know ;)
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