1. ddnene

    Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

    Everybody please join me in wishing EBN'S founder Lisa bullmama a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Lisa now has a full-time job, so we don't get to see her as much on here... but she is always working behind the scenes to make sure that EBN is running smoothly. Lisa has always PUT the bullies...
  2. agingermom

    Henny has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

    Our house is grieving the loss of Miss Henny Penny, our Frenchie rescue from Last December. She was on steroids after her hemivertibrae starting compressing her spine causing paralysis, inability to urinate on own and incontinence of feces. She had an appointment this week with a neurosurgeon...
  3. agingermom

    Welcome to Miss Henny Penny

    I am obviously insane and have drank way to much. Please welcome our new addition to the family, Miss Henny Penny. This makes 5 dogs, 2 English, one french, one westie and Henny. There was a local lady who breed her dogs and kept most of them. She became ill and a ton of her dogs, mostly...
  4. 1Chumly

    Any rescues near Charlotte, NC?

    This girl needs rescuing. She is at the Humane Society of Iredell in Mooresville, NC. https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14446221_10154585354809393_9043526569782936749_n.jpg?oh=d93f21161fb636fb8a61250cc1dbe7a8&oe=58ACECD7 www.humanesocietyofiredell.org
  5. agingermom

    Petey is 1!! Sing happy birthday with us

  6. tyree213


    Scarlet had an X-Ray today and we are expecting 6-7 doc says to expect 7 due on Memorial Day. I'd like to thank Davidh & bullmama for their valuable information. Ive been researching breeding for a couple years now and still continue to do so. I also have a great mentor in the stud that I used...
  7. sisters3

    THANK YOU-Crate Put Away

    So back in February I started a thread for advice on transitioning Joey out of the crate to run of the house. I followed each poster's advice and came up with a routine. Joey NEVER just went to her crate to sleep BUT she never threw a fit going in either. I dismantled the crate and put it in...
  8. Opie CHL

    A work of art from EBN raffle!

    I dont know if anybody knows @RaRett (Rick Rettinger) won quite a few things from the EBN raffle in December and donated a lot back. One of the prizes he won was a free personalized bulldog painting which he told @bullmama he wanted to give to me. I sent the artist a pic of Chum and Hershey and...
  9. rjisaterp

    Site Is Slow

    bullmama The site is slow loading the pages for the different topics. I cleared the cache on my compute thinking that was the problem but afterwards it takes the pages just as long to load. I am not a computer guru just a user. Is it from all the advertisement loading or something else?
  10. ddnene


    Everybody please join me in wishing our very own EBN FOUNDER LISA bullmama a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Without YOU we wouldn't have this wonderful "home" called EBN, and I honestly do NOT want to imagine a life w/out it!!! Lisa, you are one of the NICEST people that I have ever met (albeit...
  11. agingermom

    Introducing my new fur baby

    I just put a deposit on a frenchie!! He is 3 weeks old! I can pick him up on Oct 20, which seems so far away. We are fighting over names now but I am digging the pirate theme. I had some help with the decision from my friend @Davidh making sure I made a good choice. And of course @bullmama...
  12. agingermom

    Help Needed! strange stools

    So, Bertha (of course Bertha, who else lol. Arnold never gives me grief), has had a change in her BM's over the last 3 months or so. She seems to struggle having a BM, actually looking like she is twerking when trying to go. Then she leaves these little nuggets in the house, which is very...
  13. agingermom


    I love my new alarm clock!! JeannieCO
  14. Bulldozersma

    It's official Bocephus and Frank"The Tank" are brothers

    Got the official word, that Frank "The Tank" will be staying with us!!! I know this is so very hard for his Mom and I am thrilled that she has chosen me to love him and care for him. He and Bocephus have bonded and are really getting along well. A HUGE thank you to @bullmama for thinking of...
  15. TyTysmom

    Fromms Gold - Weight Management

    Hello :) Has anyone had any experience with Fromms Gold Weight Mgmt? Tyson has tried the Pork/Peas, and Lamb/Lentil, both are seeming to give him the itches, and his face get red, along with licking of his paws. He did well on bland chicken/rice and I noticed the Fromms Weight Mgmt is...
  16. bullmama

    Member Spotlight Sign-Ups

    Calling all EBN'ers! We love hearing your stories, so we have a special section just for "Member Spotlights". If you would like to share your short biography, please let us know! Sign up here or send a message to Ftse 100 or bullmama, and you will get access to write up your bio, add photos...
  17. TyTysmom

    Just dropped off Tyson

    I am a complete wreck. Normally he loves to go back with the girls, and today of all days, he didn't wanna go. It broke my heart. The surgery is scheduled for 11am, but doc said she may try to start earlier. We stayed to see the xrays, its still there, whatever it is. He even still has some...
  18. agingermom

    My new Granddaughter

    Introducing my new grandaughter (my first biological one!!), Miss Ailyn Marie. She was born on Dec 12 after giving her mom hell!! She was 7 lbs 8 0z and 20 inches long. My son is still in Army bootcamp so missed her birth but will be home on Thursday to enjoy her company for 2 weeks!!
  19. Libra926

    Orion sings a song... *now full version*

    For a cause. And...it's NOT in tune to the Itsy Bitsy Spider, the Hokey Pokey OR Happy Birthday. I know you guys are disappointed, but just wait until you hear what she has to say. bullmama #Orion #No-No
  20. B

    Happy Birthday Today

    Happy Birthday Lisa Bullmama DeLano!!!:cake3: Hope you have a great day!!