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  • You sure you aren't ready for that almost all white female you are always talking about? Penny's adoption did not go through... I am so bummed for her.
    the calm assertive energy comes so naturally to him, but for me I still have to remind myself, stay calm breath etc. I want it to flow in my veins like it does for him ... if that makes sense. I really respect and admire him and all he is doing to change the views on the bully breed. Oh man I would have been so sad to have tickets to see him then have the show cancelled, I'm totally bummed for you!!
    aahhh Mr Milan ... I have read all his books, watched all his shows and that man knows his dogs, so many people don't like him for one reason or other but I, like you, have applied his techniques to my dogs and have seen a world of difference I just wish I could meet him in person to gain the insight to his calm assertive energy! I also really like Steve Appelbaum's book Practical Guide to Dog Training, some training books are a little difficult to stick with when reading but I read his cover to cover more then once because the information is really good. Oh and I work as a Pharmacy Technician I want to do Dog Training as a second job but first passion LOL
    Hi .. I've been reading some of the training posts that you have helped others with and I was just wondering if you are a trainer or like me a want to be trainer and read anything and everything that has to do with dog training ... I want to be certified as a Pet Trainer and as soon as I save up the money plan to take the course through ABC (Animal Behavioral College) to become a Certified Dog Trainer and Certified Veterinary Assistant ... but anyhow my reason for asking is you have some great advise and I was just wondering if you were a pet trainer.
    Neutering didnt go so well. As they put him under, he threw up and they had to subsequently call off the procedure. I found this odd, since he last ate and drank at 6PM when they said he couldnt eat or drink past 10PM. I'm worried :(
    Not yet :p I have been meaning to do it but he is always in a heightened state of excitement. I want to try it when hes submissive, next time I fall asleep after him I will do it.

    My little buddy is getting neutered today :(
    Yeah, I thought the show would be worse off without Grant. It's still good, just not the same. I love GA the most though :)
    LOL! I will try my best, I have been trying to get the top hat on him but he goes nuts when I try. I really wish there was a trick I can use so he can be fine with it on his head. For the 5 seconds I was able to keep it on though he looked absolutely adorable and a true gentleman :) Have you been watching Ghost Adventures??
    Thank you for the gift! We bought Dozer a tophat for halloween...hes going to be a little gentlmen this year.
    I talked very little about what was going on with Vegas. I did post some blogs if you want to read them. <3
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