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    Almost Famous? Anyone you know? *beaming with pride* That's right: Bo and Bea are now professional models!
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    You Tube Video - featuring Georgia Bulldog Rescue Pups!

    If you haven't seen this --- you will want to. Over and over again. :heart:
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    LuLu is finally home!

    Totes adobes!
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    General Question Prednisone and Peeing

    It certainly as that affect on humans. A friend of mine was on pretty high doses of it for some lung thing some years back. Voracious doesn't even begin to describe her appetite. She got so fat, so quickly that she got stretch marks on her FOREARMS. Ugh. Poor thing. Couldn't put the fork down.
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    Our Banksy girl is 8 years old!

    Bea and Bo send their slobberiest (well, Bo does) Birthday Wishes for your special, special girl. I love what the vet said. That's fantastic!
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    Other Sarah has an eye ulcer

    Awwww! Glad everyone's better. I'm also glad you stated that at the beginning....had you NOT done that, I'd have read the entire post with my mouth agape and my hand over it, hoping for no super bad parts....! Thank you for sparing your readers that horror! *muah*
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    Deepest condolences to you and your family. Godspeed to all your hearts healing.
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    Stella doesn't like birthday balloons

    Oprah doesn't like balloons either. She said this in an interview on TV the other day. Stella is in good company.
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    Wendell and Dad floating on the Frio River. September photo of the month contest.

    that's exactly what I thought. :heart: Wendell's face
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    Help Needed! Biting on leash during walks, escalating quickly

    So glad to hear things are going better!
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    Boxer / Coonhound good partner for Kain?

    Just wanted to say "Great to see you!" Vince00
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    Please let me in there!!

    The definition of "Cutie Patootie"; that's that picture.