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  • hey, I found another ghost show last night. I think it's called "I'll haunt you when I'm dead" on the Bio channel. It wasn't scary as much as it was interesting...footage wise. The one with a lesbian couple actually caught video with their phone of this speedy orb zipping around a psychic they brought to the house. Come to find out it was the mother of one of the ladies who did NOT approve of her relationship with her partner. I've never seen an orb move so quickly and the fact that it was caught amateur wise made it even more interesting. I was saying, I couldn't look at the tv at certain times and while my partner and Mona lay next to me in peaceful sleep I was freaking out. One of our cats kept making noises in the kitchen, that didn't help. You tell me what you think after you've seen an episode or two. Came on Saturday night at 11pm I think.
    I'm watching "my haunted house" on the Bio channel, completely scared out of my mind! Are you watching it???
    You crack me up. I hadn't had time until now to respond to your post about Ab Fab...I think you left off the "Dah-ling" at the end of your "THIN & GORGEOUS" quote!
    I read the posts under "Whats new" so I get a taste of all different flavors. I'm here to learn, and pay attention to any and all health/training advise. Hopefully we will be foster parents soon so I'm eager to learn. I enjoy Cesar also, but there are a few things he does that I don't agree with...but that's to be found anywhere.
    Come on now, I know you're a Virgo and have way more than 4 lines of philosophy to share...LOL
    My pup? She's great, thanks! She's my heart and soul, like my boxer was before her.
    I think it was cowsmom who said you must start your own blog. I was thinking that before, but never said it because I didn't want you to think I was stalking you, however, you really should.
    Your comments are quite humorous most of the time and you don't post on here nearly enough.
    That said, good day to you!
    Hey! I thoroughly enjoyed your video on your garden. You certainly do have a green thumb. Just wait until I take pictures of our front yard and our neighbors, then ya'll will see why we really need to clean up our act.
    I couldn't help but find myself enjoying some of the other videos you posted. May I ask if your daughter Rhiannon is named after the Stevie Nick/Fleetwood Mac song?
    :lol: Thanks for the scolding! Have just been overwhelmed with teaching and some personal issues. I try to pop on when I can, but then there are so many new threads and new people, I have no idea where to begin! Hope Bea and Bo are doing well and you are all staying warm this winter.
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