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  • Thank you for the gift! Merry Christmas to you, your boyfriend and sweet little Daisy :)
    Hey! I do volunteer with CEBR - just with event stuff for now. I'm pretty sure whenever I am able to foster, I will be a failure. How could you ever let one of those squishy faces go! :)
    No problem! Yes, it is usually smaller colleges that offer court reporting programs. But I agree with how you feel. I feel it's better to learn the machine in a class setting rather than online. I did online for a few months and the only plus is that you learn a lot more about your computer software (this is what translates what you write on your machine). But the first class you have is usually called "Theory" where they teach you what each key means and how to write on your machine, and I definitely think it's best to learn that hands on rather than through online. I'm sorry! I know a lot of people that travel very far just to attend my school it's very hard when it's not close to you.
    :snowballfight: :christmas11::christmas11:The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOTYOU!
    Hi! Glad to hear you liked my article! Have you looked into court reporting online at all? All the states have different standards. And there are only so many schools in each state that offer court reporting. I would definitely start on Google. What would you like to know? I can tell you right now it is a devotion! The machine you will learn on is nothing like a computer key board or type writer. Everything is briefed and there are only so many keys on the machine. Its pretty much like learning a new language, but it's so much fun when you finally get the hang of it! Let me know if you have any specific questions I'd be happy to help!
    He has been having a great time outside running around the back yard he loves this weather and its so hard to get him to come inside. LOL he just wants to stay outside and play in the leaves and play with sticks that have fallen off the trees
    Nope I was 24 when I had my first born I am 38 now will be 39 in thank you so much. Sheldon has been hangin out in the back yard a bit today the cooler weather here has been great! When he isn't out there he is laying in the chair he saw a "shiny" this evening and decided to chase it around the living room ( reflection off a ceramic owl chime). He has had so much energy lately!
    :) thank you so much, this is a running argument between me and my best friend LOL....he says I'm beautiful and I say he needs glasses. We sound like a couple of lawyers when we are disagreeing. LOL. How is Miss Daisy today?
    Hello Shena. Macon is about 10 miles south of Decatur. I used to live in Decatur and still have my home there..but now I live with in the country with my b/f Leon. How did you find Daisy?
    Awww thanks for the sweet 'like'. I'll be nervously awaiting and hoping Daisy will be ok. Let me know if you need anything. Not sure what I can do but offer my advice and experience. :hug: :hug:
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