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  • We were told Brutus is an Olde English Bulldog. The breeder said he is not ACK but is NCK. Whatever. The bottom line is he is mixed somewhere down the line with a Mastiff to elongate his snout to help reduce the breathing problems. His parents are english bulldogs but he can carry the trait of the mastiff also. They do look very similar. I also think Bazza looks like them as well. I love the fawn color. I'm guess the fact that he has the Mastiff blood line makes him a mix right? He sure is a character.
    Hi :) You are right! They do look alike. Is Ripley the 50/50? Or the ebd/lab? Its hard to tell in the pics!
    Thank you for thinking of me, and sending hugs! Thank you for the sweet message.
    Only 2 Months late because I forgot my password and gave up for, sorry!!! Tonka is pure english. I shopped around for awhile, for his breeder because I wanted an english but with less of the extreme look and hopefully less health problems which had worked out well :) thats why he has a bit of a longer nose! Ripley is very handsome as well, they do look alike! Thanks for stopping by and sorry for taking so long to respond!!
    How did the surgery go? Are you doing OK? Thinking of you!! :) Big hugs to you and your pups!!
    Hi Julie, just noticed that you're in Brighton. I saw your post in the Colorado Group. I wanted to stop by and say :hiya: and :welcome: to EBN. I'm over in the SE section of Aurora. Nice to have another person from Colorado here. :2thumbs:
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