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  • :cake4:Splat! It's EBN's birthday and you just got caked! I got you first!So now you have to get 5 other members, but you can't get me back!
    hi Dana--Finn's surgery went well. The couple days afterwards were hard though; he didn't sleep well despite all the pain meds, and he got sent home with a fentanyl patch which i think caused him some agitation. I got that taken off a couple days before it was supposed to and he seemed calmer. It's been 1 wk and he seems to be doing much better now, pretty much acting normal and playing a lot. His stitches get removed next wk sometime. They didn't remove the entire tail, just a large part of the corkscrew and he's left with a "nub". Thank-u for asking about him!
    I'm doing okayā€¦ taking things one day at a time. Slowly getting back in the gameā€¦ how are things w/you?!! ;)
    My Baby boy is three years old and spoilt to death you just carnt help to love em
    Not sure...It would be funny though. What would you suggest for the tag line for the inside? Oh....I didn't get yours mailed out today....and I included 2 of the newer cards just because. They are matte and the rest are gloss.
    Thanks Stinky...Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday (early)!

    I have one the 15th of Jan~wish I was 1 y/o...
    ...a do over~Whoo Hoo! Love Y'all :)
    Dana, whenever I see your avatar I always have to admire Stinky
    Pete's noble profile, he is soooo handsome! Is he Olde English and
    how old and his weight now? I would seriously consider contacting
    his breeder when I get a puppy :)
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