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  • Living in the middle of no where does stink! Ironically, the breeder we got Memphis from is right here in Wawaka. And they're very reputable. They've really tried hard to help us out with his allergies and are kind of upset that he has them since they breed for such healthy dogs. We're hoping to give him mom (LuLu) a good home after they are done breeding her (fingers crossed).
    Hi Sheena! I live in a tiny town called Wawaka. It's just outside of Kendallville. Looks like I'm about 3 1/2 hours or so from you. Your pup is adorable!!!
    Thanks you for that nice welcome!. Aren't a pile of adorable bulldog puppies irresistible?! I can hardly handle it...I can't wait until Saturday! :)
    SUPER excited :). We're getting close enough where we are putting her crate together this week and putting out her basket of toys and putting her grooming stuff in the bathroom cabinet..... How is everything going with Daisy? With my human children I HATED potty training....that's probably what I'm most worried about with the puppy. Are you having a hard time with that?
    We went all the way to Kentucky :). (I've been to Middlebury a few times, though, to a lake house. It's really nice there...especially if you are interested in Amish people :D.) We LOVE the breeder that we found, and she had a little the "right" age to come home with us during my and the kids' summer vacation--I was trying to get as much undivided attention time in before school started again. 4 1/2 hour drive but we feel like she's getting a super good start in life and we're hoping that makes her that much easier to train..... Fingers crossed!
    Pshhhh.....we got around any of his objections by agreeing that her "last name" would be Hawkeye. (My husband is from Iowa and a crazy Iowa Hawkeyes fan.) So her "real" name is "Lady Regina Hawkeye," otherwise known as Gigi. I really don't think non-show dogs have a lot of use for their big long names, though, so we--and you!--will probably be the only people who ever know her "real" name! I do like Daisy--it's cute!
    Gigi won't come home with us until the end of June @ 10 weeks old..... It's killing us!!! (Especially my husband, who isn't too happy that I've got all this extra time to buy toys and other various items while we're waiting :D.) But when we get her and get her settled, ABSOLUTELY. That would be great!
    I'm not sure, we're in Great Lakes, IL though. Did drive through Indiana when we went to MI though!
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