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  • Praying that your surgery went well! Follow Dr.s orders and be a good boy! Don't aggravate your wife-she is your nurse and you are at her mercy(heh,heh,:evil:) Soon you will be a new man! Hopefully pain free-or at least alot LESS pain! Will YOU still be a pain in the butt?!!ha! Best wishes for a great recovery!
    Dear Roger. I am sending all the prayer and good karma to you that I can. I know you will make it through surgery-just hope it does amazingly well, and makes you feel so much better!! :pray2::pray2::heartsign::assurred:
    Sorry to hear about your back problems. The stress can only make it worse. If there was a place near you, that they could afford,maybe you could talk them into it,if they have no other children. I have been there,and my parents lived in Md. Quite a trip! There comes a point(so difficult) where you and wife have to become the parents to the parents. It is soooo hard. I have been there. Feel sorry for you and your wife. Wish I could do something to help-but at least hope and pray for you. Also hoping your back feels better-I KNOW about that ,too. (see-I am all knowing!You could say I have a crystal ball-only one!,Ha!ha! Hope the bullies are okay! Luv ya,man!
    Hey I wanted to Thank You so much for the pups Secret Santa gifts!!! I'm going to try and post the video, they both enjoyed them... I hope you had a nice holiday!!!
    Franklin is staying, I believe his contract was renewed for something crazy, like 10 years. I love him, his passion is contagious .. he has a grand ego, but yet is humble and the kids love him and respond to him which is fantastic to see. He also is very strict with academics. I hate Bama, but like you the Clemson coach annoys me, so I will be routing for the Tide. Besides, my nephew just got an ice hockey scholarship and is playing for the tide now :facepalm: so, I guess I have to route for them
    Good morning! Well, the boys could not pull it off, but it was a great game and hopefully, PSU will have a great year in 2017.
    I was sleeping by 10... as for the games, Ohio State should not have been there at all but at least Washington gave Bama a good fight
    Excellent questions! Thank you for asking Roger. First, let me start off by saying the trophies are Jersey's. All 273 of them. (Not 237). She has trouble sleeping and finds playing in the arcade makes her drowsy. (She was doing Spacebook but I had to shut her account down. Let's just say it was getting out of hand). As far as I know, you don't get anything for having trophies. And I know I speak for Jersey when I say the trophies themselves are ample reward. Jersey's not jealous... they're hers. :yes:
    I absolutely understand... I feel that way myself. A lot. Please let me know the results... would love to be a fly on the wall...
    Good morning! Thanks for the PSU vote.... hoping it is a good game -- win or lose the team deserves to be there and have a good time. LOVING Franklin! Happy New Year!
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