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  • I'm not a Terp I'm a Bruin but have always liked and followed the Terps even in basketball, I'm to far away. LOL go Terps!!:yes:
    Hi Roger, computer giving me trouble replying to PM.
    Dad retired from Ft Hood in 1969 & we moved to Temple, Tx
    I've lived all over Tx tho :)
    LMAO!!! He actually did pretty goodā€¦ of course he was more interested in the other dogs in class than the actual "learning" part...:w00t:
    :rain::gloom:Holy crap we are getting slammed... Loud thunder, lightening, down pours, high winds and lost he DirectTv.
    Few drops/showers.... We can see the dark clouds and hear the tinder, but nothing for us. Will try to catch some of the Terp game... We have dinner plans leaving here at 5:30 so I have to get the pups tired and take a shower I the next two hours.
    :whew: sure was, Matt and Lewis are a good match... Seems they are waking up, took a lot off the clock!
    T-storms we tend to miss, it is weird, everywhere Round us we can see and heard , but rarely get. PSU creamery is kickass!! Some of the best dairy you will ever have... The dairy farm is run by the students from the agriculture (sp?) school.
    :welcome3: to EBN rjisaterp! I'm Henny :weird: and I've just come by to welcome you to the forum! You can click on my name cali baker at the top of this box and you'll be taken directly to my profile page if you need any assistance or have any questions. There you can post a "Visitor Message" like this one :up: You can also post an Introduction in the "Welcome and Intro Forum". Everyone will want to meet you!
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