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  • :christmas10::christmas34::snowballfight::christmas12::christmas36::christmas18:The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOT YOU!
    How's Jewels recovery going? Have y'all started doing therapy yet? If so what are y'all doing? Hydro, cold laser, swimming?
    YooHoo RJ where are you? I hope all is okay, and that Jewel is doing well-I am getting worried..............
    That's awesome Jewel's doing great! Hope her recovery keeps going well. Keep me updated. I looked at photos on instagram to see the length of the stitches. Even though the specialist has done the TPLO surgery numerous times, I'm nervous about it. And HATE that I have to leave Tank overnight :( But at least this will help get him out of pain.
    Thank you so much for the info... I just heard back from the specialist my vet office brings in. Nov 11th is the soonest so hopefully Tank will be fine waiting 3.5 more weeks. Idk how the recovery is going to go, I just got another puppy bulldog who is 11 wks old so hopefully our other dog will keep her occupied so she leaves Tank alone.
    Good afternoon Roger!! I seen you replied to Penny's TPLO surgery. My 5.5 yr old just got diagnosed w/an ACL tear. We're waiting for the surgeon to contact us about an appt. JW if your bully has a perm limp? My vet said told me it's possible :(
    I there Roger! I am at work... it is 3:35 and I am just leaving the office. Hope it was a good game... 2016 has not been good to me for football :(
    If it was something you said,I would tell you-just to be honest-I am an honest person:yes::Dhonest,I promise!
    Ha! You can't get rid of me that easily! BUT, now I do feel kind of left out-it's been 12 days-missed alot. Took my computer in,and they closed up shop -not notifying me,and they went away until yesterday-26th. I was a little upset-yes.
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