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    Gilbert had surgery

    Great that he’s on the mend. The first couple of days are the most difficult. After that, good to go!
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    URGENT!!! Bulldog Puppy!!!

    No strength in any legs at this age, little to no coordination...way too soon to evaluate any orthopedic concerns. Bulldogs are not necessarily graceful when fully developed! Too early to worry, IMO.
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    In need of advice. We don't know what to do.

    I’m not in a position to read all of the replies.. Has he been allergy tested and if so, what were the results?
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    URGENT HELP NEEDED- Bulldog not eating for 4+ weeks

    My first thought is that he has a tooth abscess and it's downright painful for him to eat. Did any of the Vets check his teeth?
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    Anybody help?

    If it IS mange, the GO-TO treatment is NEXGARD. If it's a simple Staph infection we always treat with Cephalexin...course should run 6 weeks minimum. Many Vets will write for 4 weeks but that is not enough!
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    This is a touchy scenario. A narrow trache AND enlarged soft palate are quite a 1-2 punch. The problem is the soft palate surgery may not correct anything if this boy's issues are caused by hypoplastic trachea. Also, the risk factor jumps way up with that narrow trachea. A BULLDOG...
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    Help, tulip ears!

    You already know this but those ears are pretty crazy. We get rescues with ears like that 1 in 20(estimating). Sandy says they are Bullsht sensors and that people talking about his ears should be more concerned about his teeth>>>>> CHOMP!
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    Well, we have officially declared Dozer…

    We tried the peanut butter but it didn’t do well so we will stick with the chews. Available here:
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    Well, we have officially declared Dozer…

    a part of our family. He came in to rescue last Jan. He was unable to walk normally. After eval for hip dysplasia he was sent to a neurologist in Richmond VA. His issue is definitely spine related and inoperable. we decided to continue his eval and see what happens over a 2-3 month period...
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    Here’s a unique little guy…

    I have no idea but if I had to guess, I’d say modern, as in new. It was found at the Torpedo Factory Art Gallery in Alexandria Va
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    Here’s a unique little guy…

    with a perfectly wry smile.
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    Wesleys first holiday to Cornwall

    Very nice. No better place for a Bulldog than on a beach!
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    Mona Bonehead

    Bulldogs, AKC or not, come in all sizes. We've had tall, short, long, stubby, wide, narrow, and every possible size in between. Sometimes you get a big head and sometimes not. As a general rule, the better the overall breeding the more likely to conform to the AKC breeding standard...which...
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    Back and better

    LOL..."College has started, bear is now humping and we have to get ready..."...LOL
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    My first Bulldog rescue, Hoss, got me started on a long...

    (This is a repost from a li'l over 5 years ago. Some of you may remember it and some may not have seen it. Anyway, I thought I'd share it again to get your weekend started with a smile.) ...journey into Bulldog rescue. The following story about Hoss happened in 1996 and since that day, I've...