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  • hi Jane, Miss Tallulah and I just wanted to say Hi and let you know we are thinking about you and Remi. Hope all is well. You are never far from our thoughts. Hope you have a good week.
    Thanks, Jane. We've grown so attached to her. The thought of her being in pain after the surgery has me pretty stressed. She's such a sweet little girl!
    She goes in a week from today. We're looking forward to getting it done for her--but at the same time are a little worried about the risk factors. I can't believe this little dog has been like this for so long without anyone addressing this problem! I may not have owned a bulldog before, but I've owned many dogs and can tell when a dog is working too hard to breathe. We're looking forward to a positive outcome.
    I guess you noticed the site is having issues with different links. I hope you can eventually make your purchase successfully. I sent you 1000 bully bucks over the weekend for your trouble. :2thumbs:
    Mabel is definitely having surgery. :crying: The vet showed me her palate-- it's horrible. I can't believe she's breathing as well as she is! He's also going to remove a tumor on her foot. This vet said he will be taking her home the night after surgery to make sure she's OK throughout the night. I really liked this vet. He specializes in bulldogs. :2thumbs:
    ok , I'm going to let some of the other mods know about this, we had some problems with that 2 weeks ago. We'll get you right :yes:
    Too bad we can't hook them up for an energy equalization! Right now she is enamored of eating snow. I'd love for her to be able to run and play like other dogs, but she gets too winded. Hopefully the vet will give us some good news about options for her.
    She's having a pretty lazy Sunday morning. She has very little energy; something we're hoping to improve with good food and expert medical care. She goes to a bulldog vet in Grand Rapids this week. We're anxious to hear what he says. We've had fun watching her navigate through snow that's as tall as she is. My husband had to shovel a path for her, but she prefers to tackle the deep stuff! We feel like she's always been with us.
    No problem! Do you know this person? I noticed he/she went after you in the post from papasmurf about biting too! Questioned "who is the alpha, you or Remi". What's with this person? Glad the remarks were deleted. I figured it would only be a matter of time before one of the moderators saw it. Hang in there with Remi! We are going thru the same thing with Bogey, and he is alot younger, so I ahve a ways to go!! I think he is satan at times! But then he is so loveable and sweet most of the time. Today, he actually caught himself as he went to bite my toes- so maybe the persistance is working! Give me a shout anytime if you need to vent. This stage WILL go away!!
    We're here for you - wishing I could give more than electronic hugs but here's a bunch anyways
    Aww hunny, just read your post. Hope your ok. I'm not good with the behaviour stuff but am good with hugs :hug:
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