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    THANKYOU so hubby did it for me :)
    small amount is a good start, hopefully all has moved through his little system and he will be a perfect again ... keeping my fingers crossed! thank you for the gift, that was so sweet of you, hugs
    I just noticed the message you sent me sorry! Our bulldogs do look a lot a like in the face! That is because we have the cutest bullies! lol
    Hey no prob! :)
    hahaha I know right- I loved Charlotte's Web, and when I first saw my baby at 3 days old I was like WILBUR!!!! Hahaha piglets!;)
    I would watch him this morning and afternoon if he still hasn't gone call the vet let them know about last night and today and see if they want you to bring him in ... it may be nothing but I would rather be safe
    thank you for adding me as a friend, I'm glad things turned out good and Remi is resting again ... please keep me updated.
    AAAAhhhhhh can't stand it !!!!! you changed your avatar to the lobster boy.. I love it!!! you are so welcome for the cred
    Wilson didn’t really take to walking until about 10 months and then he was on a roll and started walking at a good pace. He can go .80 of mile comfortably. Emma would can go longer, she’s leaner and has more agile legs. Now Henny’s (cali baker) boys, Tate & Finn, can do a 5K, yep a 5K, I walked it with them last month went I went to visit her. I was stunned. :bigeyes2:
    Not all of them turn into couch potatoes you know that right? It's a myth, ha! Emma not a couch potato, Wilson, he has his moments.
    Glad to hear he was better behaved! Mine bundle of joy is 16 weeks old and I have been working hard on her with training and lots of attention. We are attending a puppy class and that helped us a little but I watch so many YouTube videos and always try new commands at home.... We have our good days but I also struggle with her.... Especially with potty training.
    We're all needy, some just more than others.....:biglaugh: Has it been a month already? Our 4 legged friends grow so fast, too fast! I loved the age of 8 months. I wish Emma would have stayed that age. :luv:
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