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  • No program for that particular pic. My camera takes Black&White, or B&W with red accents, yellow accents, blue or green accents. His keys toy has a red, yellow and black key. I used the red accent setting. What I generally use is Paint.Net when I play around with colors and shades.
    Hi and thanks for the compliment! Chumley turned 2 in November. He's my first bulldog and now Im hooked! My wife is not completely sold yet though because she babysits during the day and hes managed to chew up every single toy and kids playhouse he can get his teeth on! I love Sir Remington by the way!
    Oooohhhhh I can't wait to hear all about him, and a recent picture would be awesome. he's just too bullilishous
    are you coming to Bullyfest April 28th in Central New Jersey? or Bullypooloza April 20th in Northern NJ? Dottie and I are taking 'the kids' Gizmo and Hershey
    Great to hear it! Always better when they feel better and you KNOW they feel better!
    Oh they sound scary no doubt but he probably has a hair up his nosrtil or spring allergies are getting to him, but they are usually harmless (unless they faint from lack of breath) which rarely happens. What I do is try to distract them, they look at me like "Really? Can't you see I'm busy over here!!!????"
    Thanks! I didn't take it - that was my BF, he takes nice pictures...
    (I was probably sobbing over how huge the staples were in Wilbur's leg at that time LOL!)
    I'm getting the mortal kombat dragon symbol. With my cousin's name, birth year, and year he died. He was back from Kuwait and was in a car accident. Very complicated story. But we grew up playing mortal kombat, thought the movie was the best, so it makes me think of him.
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