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  • She actually is really a diva:) Anytime I put an outfit on her she gets a pep in her step! Looks like you own a Doggie Boutique. That has to be fun. Does Stiggy get to go to work with you?
    Stiggy is too adorable! The last bulldog I had before Princess was all white. His name was Ziggy! Close to Stiggy! Cute name....
    Lol I do worry sometimes that my posts will be misread and often edit them to reword something that you all might not understand or quite catch the humour of.
    I am gkad I put a smile on your face and knowing that I do has put a smile on mine :D
    Happy birthday, hope you have fun xxx
    Here is what we can do, lets put them on the board. We can put in their description that they rescue many flat-faced breeds. We will list EB's Frenchies and part EB's and frenchies. I have the link on petfinder, right now there is two, one EB and and EB/boxer mix.

    Can you try to contact them and let them know we plan on cross posting?

    No I would not mind. I assume They have bostons, pugs, frenchies, bullies, and what other breeds? Large bulldog breeds? Also how big are they? How many dogs at a time. I think it may be a good idea since you are in canada if there is not an overwhelming amount. I know there is a bulldog rescue in Tucson but they mainly have Pits and Americans and always have like 50 listed.... so I decided not to approach even tho I would really love to help locally. :(
    You betcha, it is courtney@carolinapetpantry and please let her know you found her here!! :up:
    I dont have the recipe in front of me, but its super easy! Its basically a bully friendly meatloaf. I used
    1 lb ground turkey
    1 egg
    spinach (fresh or frozen)
    (you can use oats, but I didnt)
    Bake at 350 for 40 mins *this makes 1 layer
    The frosting was unseasoned instant mashed potatoes

    I cant wait to see Birthday pics!
    Top Gear fan? - "the Stig"? how's the weather down there? I chose to stay at the home office today and not attempt to go downtown...
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