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    Please pray for Stiggy

    All went well. The vet gave anti-anxiety meds at his last appt to give prior to this one, so Stig was more relaxed. His vet commented that he has typical bulldog lungs, meaning although they’re not the most ideal, but very normal for a bulldog. His abdomen’s clear. His prostate is slightly...
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    Please pray for Stiggy

    Thanks for the thoughts and prayers everyone ... please keep them coming. His next appt is tomorrow @noon. Hopefully it’ll be uneventful and everything goes well.
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    Please pray for Stiggy

    Today was Stiggy's appt. The oncologist suggested an ultrasound of his abdomen and an X-ray of his lungs, which require sedation. Unfortunately, they were conservative in the first dose, which required a second. But Stiggy was getting frustrated and showed a little aggression, so they decided...
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    Please pray for Stiggy

    The results came back and the vet said that it was a tumour. :( But she also said that in 90% of the cases, it is benign. We're in the midst of scheduling an X-ray for him with a specialist to determine if it metastasized. Stig's back to his old self, even broke a buddy belt harness this...
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    Please pray for Stiggy

    Please do. These guys just take your heart. <3
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    Is my dog a Bulldog?

    Yup, I see a purebred bulldog as well! He's quite handsome. Remember that all bulldogs look different, some more different than others, like humans.
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    Please pray for Stiggy

    Overall, he did well. The vet uses isofluorane. Stiggy has experience with it from when he had his cherry eye fixed when he was less than a year old so we went ahead with the procedure. He was a lot more groggy though when we picked him up at 6:30pm. Which could be due from a combination of...
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    Please pray for Stiggy

    Stiggy is getting neutered today. Please pray that the surgery goes well. It’s always nerve wrecking when one of our bullies go into surgery.
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    Surgery tomorrow. Anaesthesia question.

    Hi everyone. Stiggy is getting neutered tomorrow for a suspected growth. He’s acting well thankfully. My husband noticed it and went to the vet right away. i was hoping that someone can provide me with insight on the most up to date safest method of anaesthesia on bulldogs. I know last time...
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    My Sweet Dually

    So very sorry. :heart:
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    My sweet beautiful boy, Punkin

    Thank you for the kind words everyone. I knew he was up there in age but I guess one could never be ready to see a loved one go. Stiggy is doing okay, but it’s obvious that he misses him. On his walks he would stop always stop for a few minutes and look around. Unsure if he’s looking for...
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    My sweet beautiful boy, Punkin

    We unexpectedly lost our sweet Punkin :heart: the morning of May 17th. He was in the middle of eating breakfast, and his heart gave out. Our hearts ache and we've cried many tears. We miss him oh so much. Veteran ebn'ers here know that he joined our family when he was four and half years...
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    Vomiting 2 yr old bulldog

    I would take her to the vet as well. It’s cincerning that she’s not able to keep food down.
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    Adorable fella! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Opinions on air dried raw food?

    40lbs for $262 is a lot. Your bulldog would need at least 1lb a day.