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  • You already know why Chanel is acting up..... You are stressed and all the changes. Pick a day the first week in September.... Ad I will come up. roe, that is next week, btw!
    Hey Roe-Roe, So good to see you back! Sorry about junior, but I do think you did the right thing for all. I real miss you and have kept ddistance as I knew things were just to overwhelming and busy for you right now. I am off from work the first week and a half in September so maybe we can plan a day then? Love to see you and the kids
    Absolutely.... I have been thinking a lot about you, but not texting since I know your life is insane right now... three pups, a business, new house and a baby on the way...... good LORD when do you sleep!

    Love ya,
    So good to see you!! Hope all is going well with everything on your plate right now... MISS YOU!
    That's a smart move on cutting stuff out. It's all stuff we can do without for awhile that's for sure. So glad you guys are doing well and congrats on the house to be. Morning sickness is horrible!! Just wait until the baby throws up on you, lol. Big :hug: to you and the fur kiddos. I'll have a drink for you too!
    What a nice surprise to see you just now on my wall. Hope all's well with you and the baby to be. Did I mention that I'm using your shot glasses now. :up: In case you forgot, I still want my PIZZA!! :tapfoot: LOL :hug:
    Hi Roe! Unsure if you've already updated my rescues yet. But I have time this weekend, so don't if you haven't :) Miss ya!
    Just stopping by to say hello :yes: Big hug to Brutus ,,, he looks gorgeous!! Ulysses sends a big kiss!!:yes:
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