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  • I loved looking at Frank's pictures! Sounds like our experience is about the same as yours - my hubby and I researched for years before we got married, he had always wanted a bully, and we finally brought Hudson home at the end of this past August. I think it's the best thing in the world to come home to him every day! How much does Frank weight? I'm just curious since they're so close in age. Hudson's quite an eater, but he doesn't look overweight. I worry. :)
    Thanks! Hope we can get to trade some stories in these fun puppy years!
    SoCal Bulldog Rescue is sending Calendars to all the hospice sponsors, I all need is your address..... it is a really cute calendar, mine already arrived. I am sure you would like to have one :)
    Did you get the message I sent to you about the Ador-A-Bull Calendar for hospice sponsors?
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