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  • I see the Doc on thurs , think it is going to a lung infection zero energy. Mum did great I have yet to visit her due to this bug , the home asks anyone with any type of bug to please just stay away and i agree this would not be good to spread around there .
    The nurses think she is great love her sense of humour and how well she is eating , blood sugar has been pretty good considering the move , our doctor thinks she has cancer were not sure where or type and to put her threw all the tests is ill advised due to her health it seems it is a waiting game as hard as that is to say for Me . The Prettyone is now taking every Monday off till Christmas so she is here for a bunch of long weekends which is great for me and her , the dogs love that, it has thrown off there internal clock of when The Prettyone arrives and goes which is funny to see . I never underestimate these guys
    Yes unfortunately I have some sortta flu bug and was unable to be there for the transfer , last place i want to spread a bug is a old age home . Is good she is there tho , was My only choice for her to go and had to fight for it .
    To vote , Had some good news , Mum moves to the Home tomorrow, finally out of the hospital .
    What a wonderful friend you are to everyone, Christine The gift of a knitted Duke
    to Karen & Michael will lift their sad hearts and is so perfect. Touched me so much,
    I cried, you restore my faith in humanity. I love you & blessed to know you <3
    Christine...are you going to watch the game Terps and N. Lions. It looks like the rain should be out of there by game time. Good luck.
    Thanks for thinking of me. Took my computer to the shop,and the next day they all went away. Couldn't get in touch with them until yesterday-12 days without computer! Such withdrawal symptoms! Now I feel like a stranger.....life goes on doesn't it?!!!
    Sounds perfect... I hope you enjoy your day off today too to recover... Lol
    Hey Girl! I just saw that today's the day! It's your BIRTHDAY!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I knew I was celebrating but wasn't sure why... I had a wonderful Birthday celebration for you! Hope you're having a great day too! Love Susan and Jersey :party::happy2::jumpdance::dance::happydance::dance5::jumping::birthday::confetti:
    Happiest of birthday to you, my dear friend... I hope you have a wonderful day!!! :drawheart:
    I am still in AWE of you! I want to wish you a :girlbirthday::juggle::confetti::birthday4::balloons::birthday 7:I hope you have a wonderful Day! You are my idol and I love you! ( and the family,too!)
    What the heck?!!!!!! I received a surprise package in the mail! No bomb!! I want to thank you so much,and the dogs thank you,also! You have a mind reading skill,I was feeling very down-and the package sure cheered me up! You should NOT spend your money on me-you need it,as we all do. I can't believe I've found better friends on the "net" then I ever had in person.The role is reversed! I love everything,and you,too! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO much!!
    Cami pooped...LOL...on the soft side but after 2 days, happy to see it!

    Just so weird, nothing new to cause this constipation. Drinking fine and
    I always add warm water to kibble to soften up. Had to put Neosporin on
    her 'lil tushie, red & sore from straining for 2 days ;( Going to continue with
    the added pumpkin until all is normal again. She's due for nail trim so will
    have her looked over at that time. Thank you for your prayers & certainly,
    your wonderful friendship & caring heart for all of us...such a BIG JOB but
    you ROCK it, Honey! Much love & Happy Friday :)
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