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  • Having four kids should lead one to think that I'd bring an EXTRA sandwich, just in case… little does "one" know…I'm hosting the **** picnic :meeting::ninjaspank::evilhaha:
    LOL, I just got your "heart"…too funny, maybe because this time of year is less demanding (if there is such a thing w/four kids) :loco2: I just love games…when Lisa brought up what we missed, that's my thing…I couldn't find the food one though.
    OH and a boiler maker, yes, is a drink. Drop a shot in a beer and chug :beer:
    Hey I just did the list... the only way it will be fair is if I buy a gift for Cheli, so you'd better tell me what he wants... Lol :rofl:
    I don't think anyone else signed up, just not as many people interested this year I guess... my mouth is doing okay, it's just sore.
    Hey was there any more signups besides ChrisRN? I'm assuming that you closed the thread... Lol
    Would you mind putting a notice late tonight or tomorrow morning that secret santa sign-ups are closed? Sunday I will contact everyone and let them know who their person is... Thank You hon and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    We're all doing well, thanks for asking! I really thought I'd have "more time" - ha, what's that - now that the tornados are in school full time…but not the case, lol.
    As a example with Me being sick Odin and Rosie now lie lengthwise beside Me I think to keep Me warm lol , Odin normally sleeps at my feet with his head on my feet ( He has to be touching at all times ) This bug is a coughing bug a lot of nasty coughing , Odin now sleeps literally with his head within a foot of my head every time i wake in a coughing fit he wakes and stares at me and sometimes whines , Rosie then wakes and rushes up to beside him and goes into wiggle mode pawing at him and Me , the other dogs do not even stir lol
    I see the Doc on thurs , think it is going to a lung infection zero energy. Mum did great I have yet to visit her due to this bug , the home asks anyone with any type of bug to please just stay away and i agree this would not be good to spread around there .
    The nurses think she is great love her sense of humour and how well she is eating , blood sugar has been pretty good considering the move , our doctor thinks she has cancer were not sure where or type and to put her threw all the tests is ill advised due to her health it seems it is a waiting game as hard as that is to say for Me . The Prettyone is now taking every Monday off till Christmas so she is here for a bunch of long weekends which is great for me and her , the dogs love that, it has thrown off there internal clock of when The Prettyone arrives and goes which is funny to see . I never underestimate these guys
    Yes unfortunately I have some sortta flu bug and was unable to be there for the transfer , last place i want to spread a bug is a old age home . Is good she is there tho , was My only choice for her to go and had to fight for it .
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