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  • Hey hon... Thanks for posting the sharing thread!!! I'm trying to get my $hit together... LMAO!!! :rofl:
    Having four kids should lead one to think that I'd bring an EXTRA sandwich, just in caseā€¦ little does "one" knowā€¦I'm hosting the **** picnic :meeting::ninjaspank::evilhaha:
    LOL, I just got your "heart"ā€¦too funny, maybe because this time of year is less demanding (if there is such a thing w/four kids) :loco2: I just love gamesā€¦when Lisa brought up what we missed, that's my thingā€¦I couldn't find the food one though.
    OH and a boiler maker, yes, is a drink. Drop a shot in a beer and chug :beer:
    Hey I just did the list... the only way it will be fair is if I buy a gift for Cheli, so you'd better tell me what he wants... Lol :rofl:
    I don't think anyone else signed up, just not as many people interested this year I guess... my mouth is doing okay, it's just sore.
    Hey was there any more signups besides ChrisRN? I'm assuming that you closed the thread... Lol
    Would you mind putting a notice late tonight or tomorrow morning that secret santa sign-ups are closed? Sunday I will contact everyone and let them know who their person is... Thank You hon and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    We're all doing well, thanks for asking! I really thought I'd have "more time" - ha, what's that - now that the tornados are in school full timeā€¦but not the case, lol.
    As a example with Me being sick Odin and Rosie now lie lengthwise beside Me I think to keep Me warm lol , Odin normally sleeps at my feet with his head on my feet ( He has to be touching at all times ) This bug is a coughing bug a lot of nasty coughing , Odin now sleeps literally with his head within a foot of my head every time i wake in a coughing fit he wakes and stares at me and sometimes whines , Rosie then wakes and rushes up to beside him and goes into wiggle mode pawing at him and Me , the other dogs do not even stir lol
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