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    Introducing Charlee.... my newest foster

    Beautiful girl! She hit the jackpot with you
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    Vital Essentials

    I used it for awhile but it was duck protein… no gas issues
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    Bear had his BOAS surgery!

    What a great post! Wonderful news for Bear and great info for those in the future! he is a very handsome fella
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    Our 67 lb lapdog!

    The best kind…. She is such a goofy beautiful girl
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    Paw Licking

    @anatess … totally got you covered
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    Against The Grain

    Have you looked into frozen dog food? Stella and Chewy, Vita essential, answers? Or, dehydrated raw… open farm or The honest kitchen… those you can buy the mix and add the salmon.
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    New Owner - Food Advice

    We feed raw with oats in it, but you have to find what works best for you dog.. grain or not. Find the one and stick with it as long s they like it and they thrive it is trail and error, but when you find the right one it is worth it.
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    Angus, the wonder dog.

    Hello handsome…. You keep providing those doctors wrong, strong loving boy
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    SubQ Fluids

    @oscarmayer … any insight
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    My aged bully has scaly sores/never stops

    Sounds like it might be staph infection…. Need strong round of antibiotics and you also need to strengthen his immune system….. Keifer, raw goats milk, sauerkraut, or Herbsmith microflora as Tracey asked… can you post pictures! How old is your boy? What are you feeding.. brand and protein?
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    Nick Sabin College Football Invitational

    I was only able to keep eyes open for first half…. I thought Bama was going to trample, but I was all in on Dawgs form the beginning. Very happy the squashes the tide!!
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    Meet Capone! My new granddog!

    My goodness… what a beauty! Congratulations
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    Meet Sadie

    Holy beautiful girl!! She is going to be a great addition to the pack, I’m sure
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    Hello - meet Millie Two Scoops Vanilly

    Welcome to EBN… she is beautiful