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    Gilbert had surgery

    This is the hard part… keeping them clam and quite. I had to sit with my guy for the first week, cause if I left he would bark. We couldn’t crate him cause he barked in the crate so it was a tough week
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    Gilbert had surgery

    What a handsome boy… those wrinkles! Healing prayers for a speedy recovery
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    OK EBN PEEPS……message….

    Good luck with everything… share pictures of the land when you have time. You will be missed
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    Hoping that doesn’t happen
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    Damu is in need of surgery!

    Sending healing prayers and hugs to you all
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    In need of advice. We don't know what to do.

    Any update since using the colloid silver?
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    Nustock uk

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    Need help-biting

    Tug can be great fun, but some pups take it as a alpha move when the ‘win’… we can’t play it with Lambeau Nd at times we have to remove his favorite toy because he gets protective of it and will lock up his jaw on the toy when we are trying to remove it
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    In need of advice. We don't know what to do.

    We do the Cytopoint too… it was/is the only thing that helped with our boys ears outside of raw food. we had to stay on once a month at most six weeks was all we could go anything past that his ears started to get dirty
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    Need help-biting

    sorry to see this… how is the bf doing? Murray might have some neurological or sight issues… was there anything similar in when the bite/snapping happened?
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    URGENT HELP NEEDED- Bulldog not eating for 4+ weeks

    Have you tried ground turkey and egg noodles? @oscarmayer … any insight?
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    Bulldog twirling on bum and barking

    Agreed… anal glands, or tail pocket
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    Cherry Eye opp

    How did surgery go? All good
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    No Interest in Food

    Do not use canned green beans… too much sodium. Use frozen
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    Anyone have a Bouvier?

    Bouviers are beautiful…. When I worked at dog daycare, two came in a few times a week… we call the ‘The Muppets’