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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Mushroom is from Dr. Karen Becker... I think it is call Barks & Whiskers now, she recently changed the name of her website/products. All the vitamins are separate (NOW brand), the iodine is from Global Healing all are liquid form except for the selenium (Swason brand) that is a small...
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    Ramp loading success!

    What a great looking boy --- he is very food motivated :ROFLMAO:
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    How to get the dogs to adapt-Please HELP!

    such a tough situation because they can't tell you
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    That’s not a tongue, This is a tongue!!!

    WOW! that is a real long/big tongue. I'e seen many bulldogs with the same.... can't remember if they had any extra issues than the normal
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    How often does a puppy need to go out when out of the crate?

    I've always done 3 hours tops.... even now with my two that at 8 and 12 years. As a puppy, a few good timing to follow are : -- 20 to 30 mins after eating -- immediately upon waking (nap or over night) -- immediately after any play session -- one hour more than months old (if 3 months, then 4...
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    Bulldog Puppy back legs problem?

    Agreed -- please have a et check her to see what is going on
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    Fires in Alberta

    Same --- praying you are all safe as well as for those impacted. @helsonwheels
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    Help Please with 1 Yr Male

    Agree -- you were not given all the information on this boy. Either hire an i home trainer to determine the issue or you might have bigger problems down the road.
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    There are 2 ways to project adult weight. What are your thoughts?

    Agree with Chip.... every dog is different and his average weight will be around the age of 2 once growth is completed. All of ours have been between 55-60 lbs.
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    Spoiled girl!

    RIGHT!!!???? how it should always be for Ms. Bella
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    Ramp loading success!

    you can load to youtube and then post the link here. so happy it was a success
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    Female bulldog puppy leg worries

    Agreed-- I'd have a et check her out
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    Older bulldog suddenly not eating from bowl?

    i'm going through this with Cheli right now (our Frenchie) he will not eat breakfast... the first few days I hand fed, but then I had to go into the office the next three days and hubby is not into hand feeding so Cheli didn't eat , but once dinner came around he went right into the bowl and ate...
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    A few things I lacked to mention through this journey... all the supplements the Mush is getting on a daily basis. Iodine, selenium, vitamin E, vitamin D &K, movoflex, mushrooms complex, Adored beast gut smooth. The Mush is doing really well outside of fur loss. Still praying for remission as...
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    Cooper Is Toast After Training

    A tired dog is a good dog!!