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    Excessive Shedding

    Great points! It is all trail and error, we can give a dive on what works for our babies, but just like everything in life … what works for one my not work for another. Lambeau is on Cytopoint and is able to go 4-6 weeks between shots and if I go past that time his one ear is a hot mess.
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    My 18 month old bully has Campylobacter Infection and the Antibiotics aren't working.

    Great progress and advice given! definitely stay off the hills/purina crap, it just all grains and by products, no nutritional value at all. so happy to see he is opening up and you are getting him on a rad to a great life. Thank you for giving him that chance at a new wonderful life
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    Why, Angus?

    😂😂😂. Always cracks me up when they sleep like this.
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    Where’s there food there’s Jake

    Typical Jake! What a beautiful crew you have
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    Missing my Boy

    So very sorry for the loss of your boy. rest well Gronk
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    New to this breed

    Welcome to EBN… thank you for rescuing
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    Hope everyone having a good summer

    Good to see you posting and happy all is well
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    Acting odd, maybe gas?

    How is she doing?
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    Taking care of business

    Hey cutie! Hope you and Mom are doing well
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    How is gunner doing?
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    Idiopathic head tremors

    There is no root cause known for the idiopathic tremors, that I have read or heard, but the only thing I know helps is to distract them with treats. Small trays to get them chewing helps best for Lambeau
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    Peppa - Her first day with us

    Love this!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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    Peeing on any soft surface

    Some dogs just cannot have a bed, blanket , towel , any type of soft surface they will just pee on it try taking it away and see if it stops
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    Moose Growling All of a Sudden

    We have the same issue with Lambeau… he is obsessed with tennis balls. They had to go away for awhile… we recently started playing with them again and as soon as he growls we just stop playing, take the ball away place it we he can see but not get to. He gets it only when there is no growling
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    Cherry eye removal

    So very sorry for your loss and this happening… it unfortunately can happen especially if the vet is not experienced or familiar with ‘flat faced’ breeds. Here on EBN we had many losses during or after surgery. Having a bulldog experienced vet is imperative when doing any type of surgery...