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  • Hi. Christine, I'm trying to find my way here!�� Thank you for your reply! Your dogs are gorgeous!
    Thank you for my new award!! Now I need to be rescued!Ha!ha! Did you know that LOL is not new? It stands for lonely ole' lady!!LOL!
    Hey, my Love! Hoping life is treating you & yours kindly!

    Popping in & out of here again, a couple of issues going
    on that are scaring me (and you know that's not me). One
    is my right eye, seeing the eye doc today! The other may be
    a kidney issue, will update you on both. A pox on CRAP!

    Hey, whatever happened to Susan (Jersey), anyone know?
    Got your 'Like' to a 2012 post of mine referring to Brutus, my 1st bully.

    Your kindness is awesome, Christine, and appreciated always <3

    Hope all is well at your house & each of you, Group Hugs!
    Hi, good to hear from you! All is well. Spring weather? I am sweatin' to the oldies-It's 88 degrees today! No spring here! If I wasn't in the last part of my life, I would move to Canada!!! Any place cool..........maybe Penn.!!! Kiss the boyz for me! Hugs for you!!!!
    Hey you! Hope you and the boyz are doing well. Seems like we come and go at different times! Miss ya! Kiss the kids.
    Good morning Christine,

    We watched the whole game and I will tell you it was much more exciting than the crap they had on Saturday. I'm sure PSU will be there again next year as long as Coach Franklin is there. Great game...sorry for the loss.

    We essentially rooted for all of the Big 10 teams in the Bowl games. I just hope Coach Sabin can muster an Alabama win over Clemson. Dabo Sweeny is a cry baby when he is losing and laid back when they're not.

    I hope I did not make your coffee shoot out of your nose with my post about "Manland."
    Happy New Year. I did miss it but not the football games. Those games for 1-2 3-4 were total let downs, boring, and Ohio State was skunked. Unbelievable.
    Happy New year to you, Lewis, Lambeau, and Chelios (got it right because Bentley isn't using the keyboard) have a safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. --rj
    RE: Banner. You are too good to me. Thanks.

    We will be rooting for Penn State in their Bowl game.
    :christmas36::christmas1::christmas12::christmas8::christmas34::sled::snowballfight::christmas30:The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOT YOU!
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