The Many Outfits of the GuinneyPig



GuinnessCoat.jpgGuinness Rain Coat.jpgGuinness NYC shirt.jpgGuinness Canada Day2.jpgGuinness Bark for a Cure shirt.jpgGuinness Halloween.jpg

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I LOVE the argyle so precious
OMG soooo cute!! i love the second pic in the first post...sad face hoodie!!! :) :) :) thanks for posting these!
Nothing like a well dressed bully! :luv: She should be in the running for the best dressed award next year!

HRH holds the title this year!
[MENTION=2150]MatildasMommy[/MENTION] - Guinness says thank you! :thankyou:

[MENTION=3735]LaurenA[/MENTION] - I was all excited to hand out candy with the Bumble Bee. And then 2 days before Halloween, our condo corp put out a message saying kids weren't allowed to trick or treat in the building! We were bummed. But put on the costume anyway :tongue:

[MENTION=2894]2BullyMama[/MENTION] - It was one of my faves :up: I was sad when she out grew it so quickly :( Luckily I got it on sale! :D

[MENTION=3225]aprilemari[/MENTION] - Baby Guinness did not like venturing out of her front door for the first 5-6 months. Such a homebody, as they tend to be!

[MENTION=983]LariP[/MENTION] - Thank you! :hug: Though I don't know if Guinn could hold a candle to the fashionable Gracie!
[MENTION=4090]ImAGuinneyPig[/MENTION] haha lola is still like that!! sourface when we put harness on :)
I don't care what anyone says.... dressed bullies are stunning!!!!!!!!! LOL

We have a friend in New Zealand that always gives us a hard time about dressing HRH... Lari keeps threatening to send her mutt a fleece... LOL
LOVE IT...especially the 'naughty but nice' pose.

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