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Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
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After having another earthquake yesterday it go me thinking about earthquake preparedness or just emergency stuff in general. What all does everyone have put aside for their families in case of?

We always have extra food although I dont have a stash set aside. We do have about 6 gallons of water in the garage. We also always have at least a weeks worth of dog food that I only rotate into use. Our outside freezer has lots of food in it and we have a generator for back up power although the gas cans are waiting to be filled. (hubbys job) We dont have an emergency kit specifically set aside although in the house we have everything we would need and also outside in our trailer we have supplies too. I know there is a lot we dont have ready tho so maybe if everyone posts their ideas we can add to our list. :)

Oh yeah a friend of mine has blankets, food, water and cash in each car actually stashed away which sounds like a great idea but I admit I havent gotten that far either. Cash is a must tho, we should set some aside in case atms are out of order.


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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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Honestly..I only worry about it in the winter.. no earthquakes in Buffalo, but we may see a flake or two in January ;) I always have extra food on hand, bottled water, candles, batteries for the radio.. and I am determined to get a generator this year, as my power usually goes out - although for short periods because we are very close to a hospital, so they tend to get my area up quickly. If I know a big storm is coming..I will get a few hundred dollars out and get gas in the cars AND extra for the snowblower ;)

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