Boas Surgery - any tips/advice?


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Jan 20, 2016
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Hi thanks so much for the advice! This reply has been really helpful 😊 Bear is currently on wet food would that be ok to give? Bear has never been kennel/crate trained 🙈 we have a decent size kitchen but due to the layout of it we couldn’t have a crate in there. Bear has always just slept in his bed in the kitchen at night. Do you think it would be worth getting a crate for the living room for day time? However I’m concerned that cos he’s never been in one that would do more damage than good? As he’s only 10 months old and still very mischievous we have always just put him in his bed and shut the door to kitchen for time out, which has usually worked?
I’m really open to suggestions as I think we may struggle with this 😬
Thanks so much! 😊
The current wet food should be fine.
No need for a crate if you can limit his activity by keeping him confined to a smallish space. The idea is to keep him from running around and getting wound up and excited to the point of labored breathing. This would cause the already swollen area of his throat to swell even more. He should be just fine in his normal surroundings.
Again, be on the lookout for puking/aspiration. The general anesthesia can make some pups nauseous. Expect that and ease him back into regular feeding regardless of how hungry he might appear to be.
Take this advice in addition to your Vet's instruction, not instead of their instruction.


May 20, 2021
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Thanks so much everyone for the AMAZING advice! You have all really calmed my nerves. Bear is booked in on 4th January for his BOAS surgery. Wish him luck😬🤞🏽

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