1. E

    Smelly ear

    Hey my guys been itching a bit..i smelt his ear and it stinks..other one is fine...i used a rinse and then i put mometamax in...any other ideas?
  2. B


    Hi All, I thought it a good idea to join a forum as we have a new 9 week old EB named Millie. She has come into the family like a whirlwind, she is bossy, headstrong and teething to no end. One question I was hoping to get help with firstly is what’s with their smell?? When I wash my Maltese...
  3. ddnene

    Update on my crew...

    Summertime is in full swing here, and my grandson has been staying w/us for going on 2 weeks now... :loco2: YES our house is a madhouse at times... Lol The pups just got their annual checkup, and Willow had her follow up on her spay... WALTER - my problem child. He now weighs 67.8 POUNDS...
  4. asherose

    Long story long...complete with questions!

    Hey guys! I've been MIA for a, life...and Sgt! This is going to be a long one... So, my poor Sergeant had surgery on Thursday. A few months ago, we were out for a walk and his breathing really started to concern us. We essentially carried him home and took him to the vet the next...

    Hate his name, Should I change it??

    So as you read in my previous post I "rescued" a 5 year old fixed male. Actually removed him from a horrid home environment. Antibiotics are starting to kick in and his ears although filthy, not quite as red. I will flush them real good when ear infections clear up. Hot spot drying up a little...

    Vegas has a new brother! Long read....

    :yes: After a situation presented itself, I felt we just had to "rescue" a 5 year old male bully. I knew the grandfather of the girl that had him. She is young and goes to school full time and works full time. Her grandfather has been stuck with Mr Wrinkles for about 2 months because the...
  7. C

    General Question Dog food & Dog odor

    Hello All, New here and I see there is lots of info! I have a question that I'm hoping someone could help with. I just got a 5yr old female! My wife and I are in love with her, she has been a joy to have! A bit stubborn at times haha, but thats a bulldog! The question I have is sometimes she...
  8. Frith

    Green Cow Tripe canned food

    I found this today and brought it home to try out. Frith has been on so many antibiotics, and i heard good things about green tripe. Green Cow® Beef Tripe | Solid Gold | Natural Pet Food | Holistic Pet Products It stinks to high heaven, almost hurled when I opened th can. But, I had both dogs...
  9. Izzy's Mom

    Breath.... Stinky!

    Do you give your bully anything for their breath? Izzy only eats her kibble... chews bones like crazy (so all her teeth are clean), she's young but her breath now stinks! Any tip... recommendation.... idea... is welcome! :pray:
  10. E

    Activated Charcoal?

    I'm still learning about my bd and I didn't see this listed anywhere, and I don't even know if this is the right area to post it lol. BUT- My Kai (2 yrs) has horrible gas, which I understand comes with having bullys =) The problem is more that she spends a lot of time in my in home office and...
  11. Chunky White

    How do you dry your bulldog?

    I usually just towel chunky off then we go for a long walk when it is warm out. It is cold here and more snow is expected and he stinks and I am wondering how you normally dry your bulldog off? I don't want him getting sick
  12. T

    Stinky Dog...

    HELP!!! My Pazelee stinks so bad. She had a bath a week ago, but she reeks. So much so that my house is starting to really stink. I've tried odor wipes and odor sprays, but I'm not getting much relief. What can it be? Should I bathe her more? ~ T
  13. Maximus

    How to Clean my Bully's Tail Pocket . . .

    My Bully, Maximus, stinks! Period. And it's coming from his Tail Pocket. I usually use a wipe to clean out the tail pocket, but even with that, he stinks! I'm also finding that when I insert my finger into his tail pocket to clean around the area, the wipe comes out with blood on it. Is there...
  14. M

    Help Needed! 10 weeks bits and PAD

    Hey So my 10 weeks old English bulldog keeps biting me when I try to play with him. Also he keeps chasing my cat around my apartment and bits her. What should I do? he is not getting the pee pad training, he poops everywhere :'( , my place kinda stinks lol Any help and tips please Cheers
  15. B

    Help Needed! Hives and red itchy skin

    Hi all, Totally new to the bully world and to this forum. We got our baby bully 3 months ago when he was 12 weeks old and we're totally smitten! However, pretty much since he arrived with us he has had terrible hives and red, hot itchy skin on his belly which now seems to be spreading to his...

    Any Suggestions????

    So at the ripe old age of 5, Vegas is now 6.5 yrs old. Vegas decided he could raise his leg like a biggie boy and pee~!! I ask the vet years ago why he squatted like a girl and the Vet told me he was lazy, I was so offended, LOL. I Guess he was!! Well here is my problem...Right out side my back...
  17. TyTysmom

    Food causing Odor?

    Has anyone ever put their dog on a certain food, and they developed a smell? I'm not talking yeast, or bacterial, etc. Like did their general smell change? We just finished a small bag of Orijen Six Fish (the food stinks! - but hey its 6 fish) and now Tyson's face folds smell like stinky fish...
  18. Kay1290

    New bulldog owner and struggling! Please help!

    Hi, I desperately need some experienced advise on my puppy's behaviour! We have a 17 week old bully male called Wilson. He is our first bulldog (we previously had boxers) and his attitude stinks! The first problem we have is biting. I have read it is extremely common for bulldog puppies to be...
  19. RalphieBoy

    1 year old

    The boys turned one. I never thought they would live this long. After diarrhea, cutting teeth, umpteen pee pads, vet visits, elk bones, some critter hooves that stinks to high heaven, biting, farting, fighting and water drooling everywhere they made it. We finally found our secret to...
  20. D

    Daily poll: This poll stinks, but we just gotta know: Does your bulldog eat poo?

    This poll stinks, but we just gotta know: Does your bulldog eat poo? :excited: