1. ChrisRN

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~~Marge~~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Georgia

    11/20/14: Please welcome Marge! Marge wondering into an auto body shop a few weeks ago. The owner of the shop took her in and attempted to find her owner. After no luck he contacted us. Thank you for getting her to safety Darlene! Dr Rush did surgery to spay her, but it turns out she was...
  2. harveyspecter

    Steve Miller - Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra - rock music & symphony F

    Steve Miller Band – Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra – Rock Music and Symphony Fusion – Are you kidding me? So couple of years ago, Steve Miller of Steve Miller Band himself approached Pacific Symphony on a possible collaboration concert to to benefit his “kids rock free” program. Under the...
  3. harveyspecter

    Antonin Dvorak - Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra Quintet

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, away from the bulldog. Our daughter in Bass. Hope you all enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving again.
  4. bullmama

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~ GROVER ~ English Bulldog for adoption in Pacific NW

    Hello everyone!! Grover here, checking in! I am glad to report that after 2 very long months I am mange free!! No more nasties crawlin around in my skin, no sir! I just need to have a bit of "work" done next week, my foster mom said something about fixing my teeth?? I don't know, I just know my...
  5. bullmama

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~ MEME ~ English Bulldog available for adoption from Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue

    PLEASE PUT YOUR PAWS TOGETHER FOR MEME I am on my way to take our Meme in for emergency eye surgery!! Meme's globe has ruptured and she needs her eye removed.asap! Please think good thoughts for this girl today and I will keep you posted. UPDATE: Our girl did very well yesterday and made it...
  6. bullmama

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~ RUBY ~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Pacific Northwest

    Please Welcome Ruby Ruby just landed into our care. She appears to be healthy but very over weight. We are going to let her settle in and evaluate her and then get her vetted. Please stay tuned for updates on this gem!! Adoption pending! Please view the adoption process and fill out an...
  7. bullmama

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~ BOOMER ~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Pacific Northwest

    Boomer is 5.5 yrs old and loves everyone and everything!! He spent the first 5 yrs of his life being contained in a basement all the time and his best friend was the household cat. He is healthy and has no medical issues, but we will be evaluating him over the next few weeks and will post...